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Misc Gists

Adding new permission to the opt-in

Customizing the support forum URL for the premium code version

Controlling the in-dashboard trial promotion in the Freemius WordPress SDK

EDD to Freemius Pricing Page Override based on URLs / Href

Freemius submenu items visibility filter

Freemius Purchase Completion JavaScript Callback Filter

Freemius Buy Button Code for a Multi-Plans Table

Controlling the visibility of admin notices added by the Freemius SDK

Merging different free and premium product versions into one with Freemius

Disable after deactivation subscription cancellation window

A subscription cancellation window will only show up when deactivating a product associated with a license that is only activated on the current site. Over the years, we learned that some users assume a product deactivation is also a cancelation of its subscription, which may cause an unexpected charge that can lead to a dispute. Therefore, we generally recommend keeping the default behavior as it reduces payment reversals and dispute fees.