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We help Interactive Geo Maps understand your needs, improve your experience, and deliver smarter updates. We also make it happen seamlessly, so you can focus on building awesome websites.

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By working with Freemius, our users have been able to benefit from faster and more beneficial product updates, easier communication with our team, as well as playing a part in the product’s future.

Mark Zahra

CEO at RebelCode

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Use your favorite plugins and themes to build, maintain, and manage WordPress websites.
Share insights with the product team, using communication and analytics powered by Freemius.
Enjoy products that get better at doing what you need them to. In turn, WordPress as a whole becomes more stable and easy to use.

With Freemius You Enjoy:

Direct communication with the team behind the product you love.
Updates address current issues, and features are tailored to your needs.
Products provide more intuitive, personalized, and friendly user experiences.
Sustainable products are less likely to expire, discontinue updates, or break your website.
We respect GDPR laws and prioritize privacy over data. Learn more
We follow the strict WordPress.org community guidelines.

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Here is the info we collect and why:

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Opt in to get email notifications for security & feature updates, and to share some basic WordPress environment info. This will help us make the plugin more compatible with your site and better at doing what you need it to.

If you skip, no info is shared and the plugin will work as expected.

This will allow Interactive Geo Maps to
View Basic Profile Info
Your WordPress user’s: first & last name, and email address
View Basic Website Info

Homepage URL & title, WP & PHP versions, and site language

View Basic plugin Info

Current plugin & SDK versions, and if active or uninstalled

View Plugins & Themes List
Names, slugs, versions, and if active or not


Sharing certain non-sensitive information is a common way of allowing plugins and themes to improve and offer you updates that address your needs, meaning that – over time – the products you use gets better at doing what you need them to do, making WordPress as a whole more intuitive, secure, and user friendly.
Freemius is the platform through which sharing the data is made possible, but Freemius itself does not use the data. The product you trust is the only entity authorized to access it. Freemius respects your privacy by following strict WordPress.org guidelines. This includes never allowing an unauthorized third party access to the data, and never recording information to which you did not consent, nor any personal or sensitive private information.

The Freemius SDK is built to make WordPress more versatile and responsive by allowing you to take action right inside your WP Admin dashboard. With the Freemius SDK, you can:

  1. Contact the product team in the dashboard directly.
  2. Start a free trial easily.
  3. View the product’s paid plans quickly.
  4. Upgrade your plan inside the WP Admin dashboard.
  5. Apply to the product’s affiliate program effortlessly.
  6. Automatically handle API connectivity issues.
  7. The SDK is translated  to 14 different languages.

These features make our SDK larger than comparable solutions, yet the size is still compact when you consider how much more you can do without having to navigate away from your native workspace.

No problem. When you go to “plugins” in your admin dashboard (or in the case of themes, to your theme’s options window), you can simply click “opt out”, and all data collection stops.

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