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What's Included in the Freemius Checkout Flow?

Secure Checkout With Buy Button

Throw a buy button on your website that pops up the Freemius checkout with your branding and pricing plan details.

Software Licensing

Protect your code with support for licensing different pricing plans based on various combinations of features.

Flexible Pricing

Adjust pricing plans at your leisure, with flexibility for multi-site licenses, seasonal coupons, free trials, add-ons, bundles, and more.

Recurring Payments

Build a subscriptions-first revenue stream that gives you a sustainable income to grow your business.

Advanced Event Tracking

Control every aspect of the checkout process with events that let you trigger anything you want — such as a live chat box.

Exit-Intent Out-of-the-Box

Add a custom coupon for an exit-intent popup that appears before customers abandon checkout.

Automated Cart Abandonment Recovery

Automated cart recovery comes out-of-the-box, which increases revenue by an average of 7%.

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Automatic Updates

Using the WordPress SDK, you can deliver automatic updates to your customers directly in the WP Admin dashboard.

Deployment Handled for You

Deploy your plugin or theme in the Developer Dashboard and your customers have immediate access to updates and downloads based on their license purchase.

Built-In Affiliate Mechanism

Onboard and generate custom links for affiliates that track sales through the checkout on your site – no additional configuration needed. 

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Integrated User Dashboard

As soon as customers make a purchase they have the option to create an account in the hosted User Dashboard and manage their purchase, subscriptions, downloads, keys, etc. 

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Invoicing Is Automated and Simplified

Invoicing is automated in the background so your customers can handle their accounting. All you need to do for your accounting is issue a single invoice per month for your paid earnings from Freemius.

Dunning Mechanism

Our built-in Dunning mechanism works to recover failed renewal payments so you don’t have to.

Hosted Checkout Links

The checkout doesn’t just come in the form of embeddable buttons, but also a hosted checkout page that you can share with anyone on any platform (social, email, etc).

Quick Setup

It takes 3 simple steps to get started selling your plugin or theme – often in less than 10 minutes. You can check out the simple integration process in the next section.

3 Simple Steps to You Get Started

1 Create an Account
2 Set Up Your Plans and Prices
3 Start Selling!
With the Freemius checkout, I was able to get my first plugin sales in less than an hour. The best part for us is that it’s optimized for licensing in the WordPress space, so our customers can easily get their license keys, order details, and login access to manage their accounts right away without having to do any heavy lifting.
Duke Devidze
WP Royal

Versatile & Fully Customizable

Make the checkout flow your own by tailoring it to the specific look-and-feel of your brand with custom CSS to modify colors, typography, spaces, and more.

The rich Freemius Checkout / Buy Button JavaScript API facilitates every technical use-case you can imagine. Once you’re set up on the Freemius Dashboard, you’ll gain easy access to a simple, ready-to-use JavaScript snippet to embed on any website.

Get a better understanding of your customer, their purchase decisions, and identify any friction points in your checkout process. Our built-in hooks track any single action happening within the checkout, making it easy to integrate with Google Analytics or any other analytics solution.
Looking to increase free-to-paid customers? Make it even easier for your potential buyers to upgrade to a paid plan by preconfiguring their settings so that you can send them direct checkout links.

CRO by an Expert Monetization Team

Conversion rate optimization — our team of monetization experts is constantly running tests on the Freemius checkout flow and buy button to maximize sales conversions.

The nature of the WordPress GPL-powered open-source ecosystem requires a unique touch — and the checkout is customized for every aspect that WordPress developers and users need — like licensing for different plans, subscriptions, easy upgrades, affiliation, and more. These powerful tools let plugin and theme developers bring their products to market quickly and easily.

Considering a Switch From Another Platform?

The migration process is free and painless. Read more about switching from WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, or get in touch with our support team if you’re moving from another SaaS.

As a German company, we had to deal with the EU VAT fiasco, collect VAT IDs, process hundreds of invoices, etc. So much hassle! All of this headache is gone after moving to Freemius and our accountant loves the decision.
Sven Lehnert
CEO, ThemeKraft
57% increase in revenues in the first month says it all. Freemius is a real business partner, not just a company you buy some plugins from. They genuinely care about my success. I was underestimating my plugin’s value, but after moving from WooCommerce to Freemius, the team has helped me with the pricing structure, which immediately changed everything.
Abdelfatah Aboelghit

Divi Kingdom

Most important part in an online store? The checkout flow! Fortunately, Freemius has a great checkout flow that is easy to customize and tweak to make it just right for your store. The checkout comes with abandoned cart, exit-intent discounts – everything your business needs in an easy-to-use interface for your customers.
Lars Koudal

Owner, WP Security Ninja

Since switching from EDD to Freemius in 2017, we’ve had happier customers, lower uninstall rates, and an overall better performance in getting sales. If you’re looking to monetize your WordPress plugins or themes, Freemius is definitely the way to go.
Benjamin Intal

Founder, Stackable

All-Inclusive Revenue-Sharing Pricing

The Freemius monetization team has a genuine incentive to help grow your sales because we only make money when you make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. You have complete control of your plans and pricing configuration. You can create multiple plans, sell monthly, annual, and lifetime frequencies, offer trials with or without a payment method, set bulk prices for any number of license activations, and even custom set prices in USD, EUR, and GBP.

We sure do. In fact, that’s a very common use case, and most Freemius partners choose to sell subscription plans instead of lifetime licenses for many good reasons. Annual and monthly plans are supported.

Once you’ve set up pricing plans, you can create flexible coupons of any kind, including expirations, validity for different plans, and limitations for new vs returning customers.

Freemius sends many transactional and automated sales emails on your behalf – you can read all about them in our documentation. You can also verify your DKIM records to improve email deliverability using your own branded email address.

No. We don’t have any exclusivity requirements like many other marketplaces or platforms. You can sell your product wherever you want, and any sales that are processed through Freemius fall under our revenue-share pricing. As a side note, if you intend to sell with AppSumo or need Freemius to host a bunch of licenses for you without related sales being processed on our platform, we do require that the 7% payment is made for any licenses sold through third-party platforms and hosted by Freemius.

Migration is free and painless. We custom design a multi-step migration plan according to your business setup, and our migration team handles the heavy lifting for you. Feel free to contact our support for migration questions.

Yes. Since 2015, VAT needs to be collected according to the country of origin of the customer. We collect VAT for all purchases for your digital products upon checkout, according to the country of origin and based on the latest VAT rates, which often change. Customers can declare their business VAT number on checkout, which we then take into account for possible VAT exemption. Freemius keeps track of all the information to facilitate the reporting and VAT payment process for you.

If you find the time to continuously add features, maintain the plugin, and provide support for your users, all for free – you are really awesome and please keep doing that! But that’s not the usual case, and if you want to spend more time improving your plugin and providing great support, you’ll have to find an additional source of income for that time. Doesn’t it make sense to provide ongoing support and new features in return for a recurring subscription fee? Everyone will be happy — your free users will get a better supported plugin and your paying customers will be happy to pay for the extra features in the premium version.

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you out.