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Freemius Helps Distributed Software Developers Create Prosperous Subscription Based Businesses



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Focus on Developing Great Plugins & Themes.
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“Commercializing distributed software is 10x more complex and time consuming than building the product itself.”

Back in October 2010, our co-founder, Vova Feldman, developed a small web widget for his blog. While it was Vova’s side project for a few years, in Nov 2013, Vova joined forces with Stanley Macha, and together they spent a year working full time, turning the project into a fully commercial freemium product.

Looking back, we realized that the product was still the same widget Vova built back in 2010, in just less than two weeks, and that all of the heavy lifting during that year was related to the commercialization, the implementation of user-management, licensing, payments, marketing, software updates, etc.

This disproportion in time investment just blew our minds, and that’s when we understood there’s a huge gap, and an opportunity in the distributed software space.

And so Freemius was born:

Empowering developers to sell distributed-software subscriptions in minutes, by solving the main key challenges:


Fully utilized billing solution.


Making sure software updates are  automatically populated.


Features and software updates access control based on the customer’s license.


Making sure software updates are automatically populated to the websites, devices & servers.


In depth usage tracking on who is using the software, where and how.

Built for developers, by developers.

Full stack Developer
Full stack Developer

Vova Feldman

Founder & CEO

Backend Developer
Backend Developer

Leo Fajardo

Lead Developer

Spaceships Developer
Spaceships Developer

Freebo The Bot

Chief Mascot Officer

WordPress Developer
WordPress Developer

Brandon Ernst

Head of Marketing

Theme Developer
Theme Developer

Vitalii Romaniuk

Lead Designer

Why We Are Starting with WordPress?


Of All Websites Run WordPress


Plugins & Themes


Products Don’t have any Paid Offering

1. B+

Plugin Downloads on WordPress.org

WordPress is the largest and also the least monetized distributed software web platform.
It powers 33.1% of all websites on the internet and has the largest plugins & themes ecosystem with over 1.3 billion downloads only from the official repository. Surprisingly, the WordPress plugins & themes market is just starting to mature. Only less than 5% of the products have a paid offering. You may think that these 5% own 99% of the market, but it’s far from it. The monetized items are only 22% of the total active items. So the vast majority of installed and active plugins & themes in the market don’t have any paid offering. In addition, WordPress has an amazing worldwide community that is passionate about open-source.

We đź’“ The Open-Source Community

Freemius is used by well-known WordPress products

I haven’t seen anything else like this available to those of us wanting to build out freemium-based WordPress plugins.

Tom McFarlin

Founder, PressWare

Freemius allows us better insights into the usage of our plugins and the ability to offer a shorter path to Pro versions, should our users decide to upgrade.

Adam W. Warner

Co-Founder, FooPlugins

The kind of insight and analytics that Freemius can offer about plugin users is unheard of.

Erick Danzer

Owner, NextGEN Gallery