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Selling Bundles & Memberships

To showcase how you can start selling bundles, let’s take a look at the following environment example and assume that you have a freemium Core Plugin with 2 paid plans (Starter: $50 per year; Professional: $100 per year), and two add-ons:
1. Awesome Add-On – a freemium add-on with one Pro plan for $50 per year.
2. Cool Add-On – a premium only add-on for $50 per year.

So for a customer to access Core Plugin Starter plan with the 2 paid add-on versions, the total annual price would be $200 per year. Let’s create a bundle of all the products together for $150 (a $50 / 25% discount).

The first thing you need to do is create the bundle “product”. Just like adding any other product on Freemius, click the ADD PLUGIN / THEME / BUNDLE button:
Freemius Dashboard - Bundle Creation

Switch the product type to Bundle or Membership, enter your bundle’s title (e.g. Starter Bundle), optionally upload a featured icon and hit the CREATE NEW button:
Freemius Dashboard - New Bundle

You’ll be automatically redirected to the bundle’s PRODUCTS page. That’s the page where you need to add the products that will be bundled together.

Simply hit the ADD PRODUCT button and add your products:
Freemius Dashboard - Bundle Product Addition

Every bundle can have multiple plans and can include a subset of products.

Once all the products are added, the PRODUCTS page should look like this:
Freemius Dashboard - Bundle Products Collection

Now go to the PLANS section to create the plans and set the prices (just like you would for a plugin or a theme):
Freemius Dashboard - New Paid Plan Creation

The next step would be choosing which products and their plans to include in the bundle’s plan:
Freemius Dashboard - Bundle Plan Products Selection

Then, if you’d like to include future add-ons as part of the bundle, select the Membership option:
Freemius Dashboard - Membership Plan Type

Now, let’s set the plan’s price to $200 per year, as we originally intended:
Freemius Dashboard - Setting Single-Site Annual Price

That’s it! The bundle is ready for sale.

All that’s left to do is go back to the PLANS section and click the GET CHECKOUT CODE:
Freemius Dashboard - Get Checkout Code Button - Buy Button

Then, copy the JavaScript snippet and add it to your website.

Selling Bundles from the WP Admin Dashboard

Integrating with Freemius WordPress SDK will automatically include a pricing page within the WP Admin of your users. By default, the rendered pricing page is associated with the plugin or theme the SDK integrated with. Suppose you’re using the add-ons architecture and selling bundles/memberships to your add-ons collection. In that case, it’s highly recommended to configure the SDK to render the pricing of your bundle/membership. You can easily achieve that by setting the 'bundle_id' and 'bundle_public_key' arguments in the SDK integration snippet. You can learn more about these parameters and 'bundle_license_auto_activation' here.

If your core plugin/theme is free, make sure to add the core free product in the bundle’s Products section and update the SDK integration snippet by setting the value of 'has_paid_plans' to true for the pricing page to show up.

You can save customers the hassle of manually activating a bundle license for every add-on by adding 'bundle_license_auto_activation' => true, to your SDK integration snippet.