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Explore the Developer Dashboard

Quick Introduction to the Developer Dashboard

The Developer Dashboard is your main portal to the Freemius platform. From here, you can track important statistics, such as plugin and theme sales and user opt-ins, manage products, licenses, customers, and much more!

You’ll be managing many aspects of your plugin or theme business in the Developer Dashboard, so we recommend taking some time to familiarise yourself with it as much as possible so you feel comfortable navigating around the various pages.

Each of your products or bundles has its own dedicated Dashboard. To access each one, click the small arrow to the right of the product name underneath the Freemius logo on the top left corner, as seen here:

Freemius Dashboard - Switch between products

You’ll probably visit the main Dashboard page for each product the most. Here you can see a breakdown of recent sales and activity, as well as other useful insights.

Freemius Dashboard - Analytics and Insights

If you take a look at the left-hand menu for each plugin dashboard, you’ll notice that there are a lot of pages.

Important: To unlock all of the menu items and features of the Developer Dashboard, you’ll need to have made at least one sale of your product through Freemius. Before making a sale, you’re considered to be on the FREE PLAN. After you’ve made a sale, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the REVENUES PLAN. More details in the Pricing section below.

Freemius Dashboard - Main menu options

Don’t be overwhelmed by all these menu items and features. Here’s a breakdown of what each page does:

  • USERS – Lists all the customers who have purchased the product and all users opted-in to your free version.
  • SITES – Lists all the sites that are using the free or premium plugin.
  • PLANS – Manage pricing plans and features.
  • COUPONS – Create and manage product coupon codes.
  • DEPLOYMENT – Deploy your premium product and download your free/premium versions.
  • LICENSES – View product licenses for all purchased plans.
  • PAYMENTS – List all payments for a specified time period.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS – List all subscriptions for a given time. period, and status (active, expired etc.).
  • CARTS – Details of shopping cart activity on your checkout page.
  • ADD ONS – View active add-ons for your product.
  • INTEGRATIONS – View 3rd party integrations for Help Scout, Mailchimp, and custom webhooks.
  • REVIEWS – View customer reviews of your product.
  • AFFILIATION – View details about your affiliate program if enabled. Note that this feature is still in beta.
  • EMAIL ADDRESSES – View admin email addresses used for various support requests. Can define different emails for different roles (general, sales, technical etc.).
  • EVENTS LOG – Detailed list of all Freemius activity.
  • SDK INTEGRATION – Instructions for setting up the WordPress SDK.
  • SETTINGS – Update product settings such as title, slug, icon, team members etc.

Finally, to access your account profile information, store details, and overall earnings for each product, click your profile picture at the top right of the Developer Dashboard.

Freemius Dashboard - Account profile and store details