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Explore the User Dashboard

One of the most important aspects of selling a plugin or theme is allowing your users to manage their relationship with you.

Freemius provides a fully-featured User Dashboard that can easily be embedded on your site using a custom plugin from Freemius. For instructions on how to set up the User Dashboard on your site, click here for details.

The User dashboard provides access to multiple useful features. Once logged in, customers can:

  • Download their purchased products.
  • Access license keys (upgrade/downgrade plans)
  • Update payment information.
  • View order history (including invoices).
  • Edit their personal profile.
  • View renewals and billing information.

Freemius User Dashboard

The User Dashboard can help reduce the number of support requests for common tasks relating to downloading products, accessing license keys, invoices, updating payment information, etc. This is a huge time saver for any plugin or theme business.