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The Insights Dashboard

Once you add Freemius to your product – data from every user that opts-in is captured and displayed on your Freemius dashboard in a way that facilitates recognizing any tendencies/behaviors among your users, and helps identify any issues your users may be having with your product.

Your Billing Cycles

At the top of your analytics & insights dashboard you are able to filter the data which was gathered so far so it is presented by customized specific dates.

At the very top you’ll see a visualization of your important data that’s related to your product’s sales performance and conversion rate:

  • Net Revenue

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • Lifetime Value

  • Conversion Rate

  • Amount of upgrades captured

  • Amount of subscriptions captured

  • Amount of cancellations

  • Sum of refunds registered

  • Accounts on product trial period

In addition, there’s also a small table with a summary of your billing cycles and payments, to help you keep track at a glimpse, without always having to dig deep.

Your User-base

Scrolling further down will expose important metrics and insights about your user-base, segmented and presented in an easy-to-digest visual manner.

By keeping track of the important metrics and insights Freemius gathers from your users you’ll be able to know where you should focus your efforts to improve your product in a way that makes a positive difference for your user base, and ultimately increases your customer retention rate.

The following data is visualized and displayed for you to easily stay on top of:

  • Active sites

  • Opted-in sites

  • Sites that deactivated your product

  • Opted-in users

  • Users who skipped the opt-in screen (not relevant for premium only products)

  • Sites that uninstalled your product

Each of these metrics link to a filtered table which includes more data about the relevant sites/users. Click to dive deeper!

Additional visualized data is available regarding these segmentations. You can see pie-charts that represent the distribution among your users in terms of the currently installed product versions / WordPress version distribution / PHP version distribution / etc.

Use your mouse to hover over the pie charts to learn more about each segment.

An added bonus is the segmentation among the websites on which your product operates. If a significant percentage of users use Japanese as their installation language of choice – maybe consider a complete translation of your product to make it more accessible for them?

User Activity Insights

Each and every one of your users has an opinion about your product. Whether it’s positive or negative one thing is certain: you need to know what it is in order to keep your product relevant for the long run.

Freemius helps you understand where your users stand when it comes to your product by collecting their opinions and segmenting them for your easy access.

You can easily dive deeper into this segmentation and perform any action you like. For example, users who uninstalled your product due to a lacuna of any specific feature would probably like to know if at some point you decided to add that feature after all.

An easy way to bring them back onboard would be to simply email this entire list of people to let them know about your feature update.