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Misc Gists

Adding new permission to the opt-in

Customizing the support forum URL for the premium code version

Show the contact submenu item only when the user have a valid non-expired license

Add permission for adding Help Scout Beacon

Controlling the in-dashboard trial promotion in the Freemius WordPress SDK

EDD to Freemius Pricing Page Override based on URLs / Href

Freemius submenu items visibility filter

Freemius Purchase Completion JavaScript Callback Filter

Freemius Buy Button Code for a Multi-Plans Table

Controlling the visibility of admin notices added by the Freemius SDK

Merging different free and premium product versions into one with Freemius

Disable deactivation feedback form

Disable after deactivation subscription cancellation window

A subscription cancellation window will only show up when deactivating a product associated with a license that is only activated on the current site. Over the years, we learned that some users assume a product deactivation is also a cancelation of its subscription, which may cause an unexpected charge that can lead to a dispute. Therefore, we generally recommend keeping the default behavior as it reduces payment reversals and dispute fees.