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Our Pricing

Before we get to making your first sale, it’s important to know what it will cost to use Freemius. Even though you may have checked out our Pricing page, we want to make sure it’s crystal clear.

You only start paying for anything when you start monetizing with Freemius – meaning you’ve made at least one sale through our platform. At that point, all the features in the Developer Dashboard become available, including the Affiliate Platform and many other useful tools. Once you’ve made a sale, you’re no longer on the FREE plan – you’ll automatically move up to the REVENUES plan.

Freemius is based on a revenue sharing model. A small percentage is taken for each successful transaction. It breaks down like this:

  • On your first $1,000 in sales, our share is 27%.
  • Between $1,000 – $5,000, our share is 17%.
  • After $5,000, our share is 7% + gateway fees.

Keep in mind that these thresholds are for lifetime revenue and not monthly revenue, and they are for your entire account, whether you sell a single product or 20 of them through Freemius. Once you pass $5,000 in sales of your product(s), the revenue share goes down to 7% for life. Freemius doesn’t charge anything more than the 7% revenue share + gateway fees after you $5,000 in lifetime revenue.

Gateway fees may vary. However, because we process a high sales volume on behalf of all the products sold with Freemius, we’re constantly negotiating the best rates possible with our payment gateway partners so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

When it comes to gateway fees, Freemius doesn’t make anything on them. We negotiate the best payment gateway fees for our selling partners simply because we want your business to be as successful as possible.

You might be wondering why we charge 27% on your first $1,000 and 17% on the next $4,000 in revenue. That’s because we tend to find that the support load is significantly higher for new partners joining Freemius. As you gain more experience using our platform, you’ll generally need less support, so the revenue share is set up accordingly.

We don’t offer negotiated pricing under any circumstances, however, if your monthly average sales volume surpasses $60,000/month, you can contact support, and we may discuss a rates review.

If you choose not to monetize (make sales) with Freemius, you can still use our Analytics & Insights, which allows you to collect useful data about your plugin or theme users.

That service is available for free for side projects (with limitations on the amount of data that is available), and you can get expanded access with a monthly subscription. We’ve made our platform pricing flexible based on the needs of the WordPress plugin and theme community, so you can choose to proceed as you wish 🙂