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So, what exactly does it do?

Freemius is a monetization, analytics and marketing automation platform for digital products developers.

It enables to start selling WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and SaaS (software as a service) in a matter of minutes by providing developers with several options to sell their digital products online:
1. In-Dashboard Checkout: The ability to sell freemium products directly within the comfort of the WP Admin website dashboard.
2. Freemius Checkout / Buy Button: The ability to sell from any webpage by embedding a JavaScript code snippet that Freemius will automatically generate for you.
3. Direct Links: The ability to sell from practically anywhere including social networks (Facebook, Twitter), emails, and more.

You can either choose to use one of the selling methods, or use more than one, in parallel. In any case there will be no additional setup required on your part.

These are the different services offered by Freemius:

Freemius Revenues

Lets you sell plugins from within the dashboard!

A complete payments, licensing and auto-updates solution to sell your freemium plugin or theme from within the comfort of the WP admin dashboard – setup takes minutes.

Freemius Checkout

An embeddable buy-button to let you sell your digital products from anywhere you can embed a snippet of code into (pretty much any web page you have access to).

Naturally it includes all of the goodies Freemius provides out-of-the-box, like a secure checkout, complete control over software licensing, automatic version updates, and more!

Freemius Insights

Analytics & insights for plugin & theme developers.

Freemius Insights makes it easy to know your plugin/theme users and capture their actions. Start making data-driven decisions about your product – leave your competition behind.

FYI: ‘Freemius Insights’ comes bundled into all other services provided by Freemius.

Freemius Marketing Automation

Marketing automation for plugins and themes enables you to capture emails and unlock the power of SaaS like applications to increase user engagement and your bottom line.

It’s a complete webhooks mechanism to trigger transactional emails based on different plugin events such as installation, deactivation and version upgrade.

Custom events available soon!