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Automated Emails Sent by Freemius

Below is a list of all the emails Freemius automatically sends to users of a plugin or theme. Our emails are currently not customizable but we are planning to introduce a templates engine to give more control. Please feel free to request features on our public Features board.

Purchase, Payment, and Subscription Emails

  • After subscription / purchase confirmation
  • Payment
  • Refund
  • Subscription cancellation
  • Annual subscription renewal reminder (30 days before an upcoming renewal)

Trial Emails

  • Trial started
  • Trial about to expire (sent 2 days before expiration)
  • Trial expired
  • Trial cancelled

Marketing Automation Emails


  • Email confirmation after a user opts-in
  • Installation ownership change

Custom sender and reply-to email addresses can be set up in the EMAIL ADDRESSES section of the Freemius Developer Dashboard.
To minimize any email deliverability issues, please be sure to read the documentation on implementing SPF and/or DKIM records for your domain.