Cart Abandonment Recovery

Did you know that on avg. more than 69.2% of visitors that start buying your WordPress product never complete the checkout process?

Engage with customers who abandon their carts by giving them a friendly nudge and increase revenues an average of 7.5%.

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The Dynamics Of Cart Recovery
For Plugin And Theme Businesses

Lost Customers = Lost Revenue

Every time a customer leaves the checkout process, you lose out on a valuable potential relationship with them.

Higher Competition

A highly competitive WordPress ecosystem means other businesses are doing everything they can to claim your customers when they leave your cart.

Timing is Everything

Catching customers when they’re still “hot” for your product means they’re more likely to convert, so you can seal the deal with the right timing.

Enhance Engagement

Failing to engage your lost customers means they lose respect for your brand. Professional, well-timed emails can make a big difference for keeping potential customers.

Exclusive Deals

Customers sometimes need a reason to feel special, so we’ve created intelligent cart recovery emails to offer exclusive deals for abandoning customers based on your dynamic pricing options.

Increase Loyalty

With the proper incentives, customers will give the purchase a few more moments of their time, which means they become more invested in your product for the long-term

Why Customers Abandon Carts

Features & Benefits

Freemius has an automated cart abandonment recovery feature built directly into our platform. We’ve used best practices to set up a series of 3 intelligent emails that gradually increase the incentive to complete checkout. The best part is – you don’t need to configure a thing.

Perfectly executed email campaign

We send 3 automated emails to customers who abandon checkout, giving them a quick link to finish checkout.

No Setup Required

No setup or customization necessary on your end – we take care of the cart recovery mechanism for you!

Engage with customers at the perfect time

Most customers will completely forget about your product after leaving your site. Giving them a friendly reminder is the perfect way to close the sale.

Maximize ROI

If you’re already putting tons of resources into marketing, then one more automated tool can make a big difference. On avg., Freemius partners have seen 7.5% increase in revenue from our cart abandonment feature alone.

Increase conversion rates

Cart recovery emails have a 40.7% open rate *, nearly twice that of regular marketing emails, which makes them extremely effective at converting missed customers. * Source: SaleCycle

Tailored for WordPress products

We’ve built our platform specifically for WordPress plugin and theme sellers. Check out our other tools that can jumpstart your business: 

– User Dashboard

– Affiliate Platform

Intelligent & Automated Emails


The first recovery email is sent 60 minutes after the last checkout visit and simply reminds customers about their cart content and your refund policy (if you set one).


The second recovery email is sent 24 hours after the checkout is initiated and includes details about free trials, if you offer them (proven to increase conversion rates).


The third recovery email is sent three days after the 2nd email and includes a time-based coupon code (coming soon!) based on your pricing model that further incentivizes the conversion process.

When customers enter their email on your checkout page and fail to purchase, Freemius automatically sends missed customers emails like these.

Track Cart Recovery Progress

Freemius displays abandoned shopping carts in the Developer Dashboard so you can track the progress of automated emails and see if customers end up completing their sales.

We also send email notifications each time Freemius recovers a lost sale for you!

Our Cart Abandonment Recovery mechanism recovers 11.5% of abandoned carts, increasing our average checkout conversion rate from 35% to 42.5% (7.5% increase in sales for our partners).

Vova Feldman
CEO, Freemius

GDPR Compliant

Don’t worry – we’re GDPR compliant and offer customers the option to “opt-out” right on the form.

Ease of Mind

No more worrying about implementing GDPR protections on your site for the checkout process. We’ve taken care of it for you.

Boost Customer Trust

Customers can feel safe knowing that their data is kept private, increasing their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Private & Secure

Customer information is never shared with or sold to any 3rd parties under any circumstances. Ever.

Data Erasure

Customers can contact us to have their data removed or unsubscribe directly in the email.

The automatic cart abandonment recovery feature helps me recover customers every month who would otherwise never come back. Every time I get an email from Freemius saying a customer cart has been recovered I do a little dance 🙂

Lars Koudal
WP Security Ninja

I’m still blown away that an automated cart recovery tool can increase FooGallery’s revenue by hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. Freemius is truly an engine for the growth of FooPlugins as a business!

Brad Vincent
Founder, FooPlugins

Freemius pays for itself. Last month the cart recovery mechanism recovered about 10% of revenue that would’ve been lost otherwise. That revenue increase alone easily covers the Freemius revenue share.

Jose Vega
WP Super Admins


Reminding potential customers about their abandoned carts is one of the most proven strategies to increase conversion rates and revenue. Read more about the marketing strategies we suggest on the Freemius blog.

No. Everything is done for you when your customers enter their email address on your checkout form and remain “opted-in”.

First email: 60 mins
Second email: 24 hours
Third email: 3 days
See our documentation for details.

First email: 60 mins
Second email: 24 hours
Third email: 3 days
See our documentation for details.

Yes! You can see exactly where in the process your potential customers are. 

Not yet, but this is a feature we’re looking into. Stay tuned!

You can use our extensive events and webhooks to automate many aspects of your marketing, but the automated cart recovery emails cannot be disabled.

Reminding potential customers about their abandoned carts is one of the most proven strategies to increase conversion rates and revenue. Read more about the marketing strategies we suggest on the Freemius blog.

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