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Offering Free Trials

Freemius enables you to easily offer Free Trials for your users, with or without requiring a payment method. Offering a Free Trial may help you increase your product’s distribution and sales. Check out The Ultimate Guide To Free Trials For Premium WordPress Plugins And Themes.

Supported Trials Types

“Free Trial” – A Free Trial Without A Payment Method

You can set a trial period in your plan settings. Just make sure to turn the “Require Credit Card or PayPal” option off.

“Paid Trial” – A Free Trial With A Payment Method

You can set a trial period in your plan settings and turn on the “Require Credit Card or PayPal” option.

How To Activate & Use Trials

Setting up a trial is done from within each specific product plan configuration settings:

  1. You can choose one of the following optional trial periods: No trial, 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days
  2. If you wish to require a payment method, switch the “require credit card or paypal” option on:
  3. Once you add a trial to a plan the SDK integration snippet will change slightly, so you’ll need to update the snippet in your code. Note that users who have already opted-in will also be exposed to in-dashboard trials, even if you don’t deploy a new version with the snippet update.
  4. To activate the trial in the Freemius Checkout on your site you’ll need to add trial: 'free' or trial: 'paid' (depending on the type of the trial) to the open() method.