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Getting Paid (Your Earnings)

Read this to learn about the manner in which Freemius handles payout to its partners (sellers).

To see your current earnings status you can head over to the ’My Earnings’ screen from anywhere on your Freemius account. Simply click to toggle the small menu at top right hand side of the screen:

In the ‘My Earnings’ screen you will be able to see your payable earnings amount, according to your accumulated monthly sales.

Here’s what you need to know about how Freemius transfers your earnings to you:

  • Your earnings are automatically calculated on the 1st of each month.

  • Payout is made on the 10th of each month, with a $100 minimum threshold. In case your monthly earnings are below the minimum threshold – your earnings will automatically be added to your balance for next month.

  • For the sake of a 30-day period refunds (that is, refunds to clients who purchase your plugin/theme), the earnings for month X are calculated on the 1st of month X + 2.
    So for example, if your gross income between 01/01 – 01/31 was $1,000 and at the same time you had to process $500 of gross refunds between 01/01 – 29/02 (for payments during January) – your earnings on March 1st will be $1,000 – $500 = $500 (minus commission).
    If that number surpasses the minimum threshold ($100), which in this case – it does, the payout will be processed on the 10th of March.

  • This system allows us to refrain from connecting directly to your bank, your PayPal or your credit-card, and still enables us to make sure that you are good to cover any refunds in case your clients request them.

For any clarifications on the subject of your earnings – please feel free to contact us!


Why is the refunds amount in the DASHBOARD different from the refunds amount shown in the My Earnings section?

The refunds amount shown in the DASHBOARD represents the $-value of the refunds processed during the selected date range. On the other hand, the refunds amount shown in the earnings for month(X) is the $-value of:

  • Refunds processed during month(X) and month(X+1) of payments received during month(X); Plus
  • Late refunds processed during month(X) of payments that were received before month(X-2)

This protects against refunds abuse where an attacker can purchase many licenses (e.g., $100,000 worth of licenses) on month(X) and then refund all of the payments on month(X+1). If we ignore the refunds of month(X+1) when calculating the earnings for month(X), the attacker can steal money that way.