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Deployment Process

With the integration process completed, you’re ready to Deploy your plugin or theme to the Freemius Developer Dashboard.

To deploy a plugin or theme, simply compress (Zip) the root folder of your product and upload it to begin the deployment process by clicking the ADD NEW VERSION button. The product code will then be parsed and checked before the final free/premium versions of the product are generated and compressed into production ready Zip files.

Freemius Dashboard - Deployment

For products that have a free plan defined, Freemius generates both free and premium versions of your WordPress product directly from the Zip you upload. Code wrapped in premium-only conditional logic (in the previous step) will only be included in the premium version. It will be stripped out entirely from the free version.

The free version can be downloaded manually and uploaded to WordPress.org via SVN. The premium version, along with all future updates, will be served directly from the Developer Dashboard to paying customers with an active license (they’ll see update notifications via the WP Admin).

Once you’ve integrated your WordPress product with Freemius and deployed it, you’re ready to start selling! But first, let’s get to know the Developer Dashboard a bit.