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Support Contact Form

How to enable the Contact Form in the User Dashboard

To activate the contact form, go to the “My Store” settings in the Developer Dashboard:

Turn the “Show support contact form” switch on:

Freemius Developer Dashboard Menu My Store Enable Contact Form

That’s it 🙂

Refresh the User Dashboard, and you should see the new “Support” menu item.

Contextual Categories

The contact form dynamically shows different categories according to the selected product and user information.

For example, a “Trial Extension” category will only appear for products offering free trials:

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Free Trial Extension

We plan to keep improving this as we go, making it more intelligent over time.

FAQ Integration

Upon a category and subcategory selection, the contact form will automatically reveal the relevant questions and answers from the FAQ, when applicable:

Refund Policy Integration

When a customer indicates they are contacting support for a refund, a short human-readable summary of the refund policy will reactively appear to remind the customer what they agreed to when purchasing your product:

Freemius User Dashboard Refund Request Policy Integration

If you still haven’t noticed, the most common refund request is for subscription renewals. So, we hope that the policy reminder, which highlights the fact that generally, renewals are not refundable, will reduce the number of customers asking for refunds.

Help Scout Docs Integration

If you integrate the contact form with Help Scout Docs, you can auto-populate relevant articles directly from your knowledge base:

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Help Scout Integration

All you need to do to enable the integration the contact form with your Help Scout Docs is heading to INTEGRATIONS -> HELP SCOUT in the Developer Dashboard, and set your Docs API Key:

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Help Scout Docs Integration

If you are not using Help Scout for your documentation center, we plan to enrich the capability for custom API endpoints to search documents.

Public Knowledge Base Integration

Whether you use Help Scout Docs or any other publicly available knowledge base, we now encourage users to check your docs while waiting to hear back from support:

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Check Documentation

To enable this extra capability, you’ll need to enable the “Knowledge Base” switch in any of your product’s plans, and include the link to your knowledge base:

Freemius Developer Dashboard Plans Knowledge Base

Freemius Checkout Integration

If you are not offering free support, you’ll notice that support-related categories highlighted as PAID ONLY, making it clear to users that they need to be a paying customer to receive support.

If the user chooses to ignore that, all the integrations mentioned above will continue functioning, trying to surface all the relevant data to help the user in a self-served approach. But, if the user pursues a ticket, they’ll be prompted with a dialog box explaining they need to purchase (or renew) a license first. If they choose to get a license, the checkout will be opened right on the spot, offering them an uninterrupted experience until the submission of their ticket without even leaving the page!

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Contextual Upsell


How to hide selected categories of the contact form?
Each category of the contact form is assigned with a unique id attribute. These attributes allow you to easily hide any category using your custom CSS stylesheet, which you can set in the “My Store” configuration page.

For example, the “Technical Support” category’s unique id is contact__technical_issue:

Freemius User Dashboard Contact Form Customizations

Allowing you to simply hide the category using:

#contact__technical_issue {
    display: none;