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Integrating your First product

It’s surprisingly easy to integrate Freemius into a WordPress plugin or theme, with a typical integration taking just a few minutes to complete.

Once you’ve repeated the process a few times, it will become almost second nature. Let’s walk through the initial integration steps together to get a better understanding of the workflow.

1. Add a New Plugin, Theme, or Bundle

Once you’ve registered an account with Freemius and logged in to the Developer Dashboard, the first thing to do is add a new plugin or theme.

Click the Add product / bundle menu link on the left-hand side of the page to begin adding a new product.

Freemius Dashboard - Add new plugin, theme, or bundle

Here, you can choose whether to create a plugin or theme based product. You can even create bundle or membership type products here too.

Enter a product title and slug. You can optionally upload a product icon, although, this doesn’t have to be done right away. You can update the product icon at any time in the settings later on. Hit the Get Started button to finish.

Freemius Dashboard - Add new product