Changelog summary 19 March, 2023

Freemius Backend

  • The developer billing update/creation endpoint now supports country names with commas.
  • ‘Support specialist’ and ‘Developer’ roles in the Team now have permission to update the billing of users.
  • The checkout and pricing apps are now running GA4 instead of GA3 (soon to be deprecated).

Freemius website and blog

  • Some optimization with the website and blog caching to make them load faster.
  • Various SEO work (thanks to our new team member Ymreb Concepcion).

Developer Dashboard

  • Updated legacy GA3 to new GA4.
  • Some in-house updates.

User Dashboard

  • We’ve updated legacy GA3 to the new GA4.

Changelog summary 5 March, 2023

Backend changes

  • Minor edge case fix in the weekly reporting system.
  • Data sanitization in some internal systems.
  • Fixed a minor edge case issue in PayPal dispute sync system.
  • Fixed a glitch in the password reset mechanism where the reset token in some cases would get invalidated prematurely.
  • Enriched the ‘new license creation’ endpoint with a new parameter to optionally white label the license when creating it.
  • Updated the system to inherit the white label property when creating child licenses for items in a bundle.
  • Increased max file upload size for static files to 120 MB.

Developer Dashboard

  • Increased max file upload size for static files to 120 MB.
  • Improvements in the instructions inside the Webhooks Integration page.
  • Made the payout email notification read-only, since we want to notify developers and send instructions for the invoice.
  • Changed read-only notification configurations to be ‘checkable’ only if they were previously off.
  • Removed the unnecessary button from the ‘create license’ dialog.

Complete Developer Dashboard reskinning – with dark mode

This weekend, it’s our pleasure to announce a wholly reskinned and modernized Developer Dashboard.


The entirety of the application has been reskinned. When you log in for the first time, the system will try to detect your color preference and automatically set the light or the dark theme. You can click on the sun/moon icon beside the Freemius logo to toggle the theme as you please.

Here are some notable pointers.

Modern and better icons set

Our designer Vitalii has worked hard to create modern and meaningful icons for the actions/information the Developer Dashboard provides. Here are some examples:

Redesigned SDK integration page

We have refreshed the design of the SDK integration page to elucidate the steps you need to take to integrate your product with Freemius.

Redesigned Plans page

We’ve made it easier to create new pricing variations and bulk licensing on the Plans page.

.These are but a few of the Developer Dashboard’s new improvements. Please login to your Developer Dashboard now and give us a shout on how you like them.

Backend/API changes: 29 January 2023

  • Date-time arithmetic audit.
  • Bypassed WAF when accessing the checkout in sandbox mode.

Multiple FX currencies and Users page improvements in the Developer Dashboard

This week’s changelog comes with many new features in the Developer Dashboard.

Supporting multiple Foreign Exchange currencies

After we introduced a “Foreign Exchange – USD” virtual currency to display transactional data on the new “Sales Analytics” page, we received a request to support other foreign exchange currencies too. This week, we are releasing that feature.

Apart from the “FX-USD”, you can convert your transactional data into any of the currencies Freemius supports.

Subscriptions and Payments tabs on the Users page are now open by default

Feedback from our partners made us realize that Subscriptions and Payments are the primary things one wants to see when accessing the Users page. It was hidden behind an accordion, which you had to click to view information.

To save you the hassle, those sections are now open by default and load as soon as the licenses are loaded.

Other changes

  • Fix: In some cases, the same currencies appeared multiple times in the filtering UI.
  • Fix: Internal pub/sub architecture of the app.
    • In some edge cases, the plugin would not display when navigating between pages.
    • When navigating to one store away from another’s product, the state held incorrect data.
  • Fix: Race condition when loading subscriptions/licenses of a user.
  • Fix: Incorrect URL in the share menu.
  • Fix: Login reCAPTCHA not showing up, due to a race condition in loading the script.
  • Update: Improved validation in the login/registration/password recovery form.


New wire payout feature in the Developer Dashboard

Following many requests from our partners, we’ve implemented a self-service system to add or update “Bank Wire” payout methods in our Developer Dashboard.

Until now, our partners had to send us bank details manually if they wished to have payouts via bank wire. But with this update, you can do it yourself from the Developer Dashboard’s Profile page.

Changing payout methods to wires

Go to My Profile at the top-right corner of the Developer Dashboard and scroll to the section that says Payout Method(s). Under the Payout Method column, you’ll find that selecting Bank Wire (or Wise) will open a popup where you can enter your bank details.

All of your details are saved securely in our server under heavy encryption.

Setting different bank accounts for different currencies

At Freemius, we support selling in three currencies.

You can choose to…

  • Use the same bank account for different source currencies and convert them to the same target currency. In this case, Freemius will do the conversion for you (if applicable).
  • Use different bank accounts with a different combination of source and target currency and let your bank do the conversion (if required).
  • If your bank account supports different target currencies, then you can configure the same bank account to get paid in multiple currencies too.

You can set up three bank accounts if you’re selling in all three currencies.

For existing partners with wire payouts

We have imported data for all of our partners who are already using the wire payout. You will see the form already populated with the bank account details you shared with us.

Miscellaneous activities: 23 January 2023

Freemius Backend/API

  • Supporting API for developers to manage their own bank accounts for payouts.
  • Fixed some date/time-related logic in the backend.
  • Implemented functionality to handle rare edge case products where the configured slug is not the same as the slug.
  • Disabled sending the activation email during an uninstall opt-in event.
  • Improved some internal logic related to webhooks processing.

Developer Dashboard

  • Fixed some styling and behavioral issues in the New Products form.

Sidebar enhancements in the Developer Dashboard

Following feedback from many of our partners, we’re releasing a bunch of enhancements and fixes to the newly introduced Multi-store sidebar in our Developer Dashboard this week.

Better Stores and Products list navigation

We are now showing the number of products associated with a store when browsing the STORES list.

This will indicate if a store has no product. We hope this will be useful for identifying ‘accidentally’ created stores that you may no longer want to use and would like to delete.

When creating a new product under a store, the sidebar will now show the Stores header with the Products page being highlighted to better reflect what status you’re in.

The add-ons will now appear with a better UI to indicate which product they are under.

Following feedback, we have started adding a tooltip to show the full name of the product when hovering. This is useful if you have many products with similar names that are ‘trimmed’ to accommodate the space.

Improved search UX

When searching through products (which will only show up if you have more than 7 products), we now hide the Store title so that you can focus on the product names themselves.


Miscellaneous updates: 15 January, 2023

Developer Dashboard

  • Fixed edge case bug that prevented users from going to the SETTINGS page of an empty store.
  • Fixed a related edge case bug where if you left the Developer Dashboard from an empty store and then logged in again, you would land on a broken Store Dashboard page.
  • Added configuration to increase upload size for deployments for specific products.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Count cell of the deployment page didn’t take it to the correct page.

Freemius API/Backend

  • Fixed an issue in store scoped endpoint for handling a license entity belonging to a developer.
  • Allowed larger file upload size limit for specific products.

Changelog activities summary: 8 January, 2023


  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)-related enhancements, and supporting CORS for the /checkout/geo.json API endpoint.
  • We began supporting the licensing unit in the ‘Cart Recovery Email’ system.
  • Added Kinsta staging URL support.
  • Improved the currency auto-detection in the checkout.
  • Fixed the Affiliate Coupons API endpoint issue that was preventing the new Multi-store Developer Dashboard from creating/reading coupons related to affiliates.

Developer Dashboard

  • Fixed broken links in the Deployment product page.