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  • Secure Checkout

  • Software Licensing

  • Recurring Payments

  • Automatic Updates

  • Affiliate Platform

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It's Easy to Start Selling

1. Setup Pricing

Set-up your plugin's or theme's plans and pricing

2. Integrate SDK

Add the Freemius WordPress SDK into your plugin or theme

3. Sell Away

Generate your ‘Purchase Button’ code and embed anywhere to start selling

Features Developers Love

Built-in Software Licensing

Flexible licensing to control the number of sites your plugin or theme will be valid for. It's up to you whether to block paid features after license expiration, or just block plugin/theme updates and support.

Licensing Animation
Licensing Animation
Secure Checkout

All purchases made via the embedded Freemius Checkout button are secure and PCI compliant. We use Stripe.js & PayPal Express Checkout, so we do not “touch” credit cards.

Automatic Updates

Deploy your releases to Freemius and let us do the work for you. Our GPL SDK will automatically pull the updates for all sites that have a valid license. All using the native WordPress auto-updates mechanism directly in the dashboard.

Automatic Updates Animation

Want to see what the embeddable code looks like?

To start selling digital products - you get a short embeddable ‘Buy Now Button’ script. It will look something like this:

<button id="purchase">Buy Now</button>
<script src=""></script>
    var handler = FS.Checkout.configure({
        plugin_id:  1234,
        plan_id:    1122,
        public_key: 'pk_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz',
        image:      ''

    $('#purchase').on('click', function (e) {{
            name:    'My Plugin/Theme Name',
            success: function (response) {
Ready to start selling?

Freemius is used by well-known WordPress companies

Pay as you go

7% * + gateway fees (30¢ + ~3% per successful charge) after $5k in gross rev
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Real-time revenue analytics
  • Sell from any website
  • Sell from within the dashboard
* 27% on first $1k; 17% on $1k-$5k; 7% after $5k;
The % based on lifetime gross sales


Freemius offers everything needed to run WordPress plugins & themes business at scale. Get in touch for details.
Account management Volume discounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I set up my own prices & plans?

    Of course. Our SDK is flexible enough for you to customize your pricing & plans however you like in just a few minutes.

  • Do you support recurring revenues?

    We sure do. In fact, that’s a very common use-case scenario, which most of the Freemius Checkout users like to choose for their WordPress digital goods. Naturally, monthly subscription plans are supported, as well.

  • Where will my plugin/theme be hosted?

    Freemius hosts and handles the versioning of the code for you. Once your release is ready, all you need to do is upload your zip via the Developer Dashboard. A new version will be automatically created based on the plugin’s/theme’s WordPress header version.

  • Does Freemius handle the required EU VAT collection for me?

    Yes. Since 2015 VAT needs to be collected according to the country of origin of the customer. We collect VAT for all purchases of your digital products upon checkout, according to the country of origin. Customers can declare their business VAT ID, which we then take into account for a possible VAT exemption. Freemius also keeps track of all the information to facilitate the reporting process for you, later on.

  • I have a free plugin, why should I monetize it with a freemium model?

    If you find the time to continuously add features, maintain the plugin and provide support for your users, all for free - you are really awesome and please keep doing that! But that’s not the usual case, if you want to spend more time improving your plugin and providing great support, you’ll have to find an additional source of income for that time. Wouldn’t it make sense to get the money from the plugin?! Everyone will be happy - your free users will get a better supported plugin. Your paid customers, will be happy to pay for the extra features in the premium version.

  • I still have a question. How do I contact you?

    Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you out.