Freemius Pricing is Built to Grow with You and Your WordPress Business

A revenue sharing model tying our success directly to yours

Whether you are a well-established plugin/theme business or an individual developer, we’ll help you reach your product’s full potential by leveraging modern eCommerce practices and providing data-driven tips that boost sales conversions and recurring subscriptions. 

Unlike competing self-hosted platforms, our revenue sharing business model incentivizes us to genuinely care about your success – we make money only when you make money. It is that simple! 

Join hundreds of popular WordPress sellers benefiting from using Freemius as their global growth partner. Start selling in 5 minutes and see the immediate impact of our managed eCommerce platform.

+ gateway fees (30¢ + ~3% per successful charge)

* 27% on first $1k; 17% on $1k-$5k; 7% after $5k;
The % based on lifetime gross sales

Processing large payment volumes?

Features and Benefits

Streamline your payments and licensing process

Accept payments & subscriptions in a secure checkout form

Add a beautiful, secure, and optimized checkout form into any website with a few lines of JavaScript.

Software licensing that protects your code

Our flexible software licensing engine allows you to enable/disable features based on the customer plan and control whether paid features remain active or blocked after license expiration.

A subscriptions-first approach for a sustainable revenue stream!

Time to step forward to the future – join the booming subscriptions-economy. Freemius was built using modern payment technologies enabling you to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business.

Seamless sales tax collection, EU VAT payment, and invoicing

Freemius takes care of the collection of taxes and automatically issues invoices on all purchases. You don’t have to do anything related to sales tax or EU VAT (value added tax), and we stay up to date on changing tax requirements so you don’t have to.

Choose from your favorite payout methods

We support PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers (SWIFT/IBAN) with great currency conversion rates. When processing high volumes we can wire your earnings in your local currency, waiving international wire fees.

Let buyers choose their favorite payment method

Your buyers can check out with PayPal or major debit & credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and Amex. We’ve handled all the integrations necessary and keep the APIs up to date.

Secure and compliant

Security is one of our top priorities.We meet all modern security standards and PCI compliant, use popular gateways like Stripe and PayPal which come with fraud protection & prevention engines, and credit card numbers never get (nor stored) onto our servers.

Hassle-free automatic updates

Manage and deploy premium software updates automatically right into your customers’ WP Admin dashboard. Our deployment mechanism can also generate a free version of your WordPress product in case of a freemium product listed on the repository.

Built for WordPress plugins and themes

Our platform was built from the ground up by focusing on the unique aspects of selling WordPress plugins and themes. So, you’re not using a “one-size-fits-all-software” solution that is built for a wide variety of digital products. We’ve tailored our system to sell WordPress products. 

Get top-notch support and access to a powerful community

We’ve got your back!

Worried about going on a family vacation and leaving your shop unattended? Our engineering team will make sure that the subscription-dollars keep flowing in even when big changes happen. Like if PayPal/Stripe will suddenly change their APIs, we’ll be there to address those changes so you can relax when you’re away.

We are here when you need us

With a 93 happiness score and 9 hours to resolution for more than half of our tickets, we are proud to offer the highest quality support. We know that when something breaks on your end, we lose money too 😉

You are no longer alone

Access the exclusive Freemius Slack community of 700+ like-minded plugin and theme sellers. Get advice from fellow developers and share your know-how with others.

Automate your marketing and customer interactions

Increase conversion with Cart Abandonment Recovery

We make sure to collect email addresses of customers who abandon checkout, so we can send them reminder emails. We’ve seen this feature alone increase revenue by 7.5%.

Recover more failed payments

An automated and high performing Dunning mechanism reduces your churn rate and recovers more failed subscription renewals. We notify customers about failed payments and provide them detailed instructions tailored to their issue, both for PayPal and Credit Card, including a direct link to update their Credit Card details.

Promotions, upsells, and discounts

Selling bundles, add-ons, or multi-site licenses? We’ve got you covered with our fully featured Developers Dashboard. You can also offer coupons and renewal discounts by simply adjusting a few settings.

Grow your reach with a built-in affiliate platform

Incentivize bloggers and marketers to promote your products as affiliates in return for a commission. Freemius comes with a fully featured Affiliate Platform automating affiliate on-boarding and referral tracking. Bonus: Our WordPress SDK affiliate integration will help you easily convert users and customers into affiliates.

Powerful marketing automation tools

Leverage our webhooks mechanism to connect your eCommerce with any of your favorite marketing & automation tools such as Zapier,,, and HubSpot. We also have an out-of-the-box MailChimp integration to sync your free users and customers emails with your MailChimp lists.

Get customers “hooked” before they buy

Easily setup free trials for 7, 14, or 30 days, and offer a money back guarantee that help your customers feel at ease when they purchase. Flexibly choose what features are allowed after expiration.

Use one platform for your entire WordPress business

Manage your business in one place

You can access and manage your revenue, subscriptions, user data, analytics, installs, and much more, all in the Freemius Developer Dashboard. Understand your customers and how they are using your product and get critical business information that will help you make smart & data-driven decisions.

Make data-driven decisions

The guessing era is over! We know the value of data for product development and have built in useful features that will empower you to make data-driven decisions instead of relying on your gut feeling. Our popular deactivation feedback form and after uninstall follow-up email will help you to identify common flaws in your product’s FTUX (First-time User Experience) to reduce your abandon rate and increase overall sales.

Sell from anywhere

Offer quick checkout links via email, social media, and more, modal checkout windows on any website, and direct upgrades from within the WordPress Dashboard.

Tailored for individuals and teams, alike

Invite your team members to Freemius. They can have their own login credentials to a shared Freemius account. We created special roles with restricted permissions for support reps and financial reps such as your accountant. 

Reduce your support load with more efficiency

We’ve thought about the customer journey in all aspects of our platform. Delight your customers with a self-served Users’ Dashboard to let them handle everything they need without your intervention: managing subscriptions, changing payment methods, updating their VAT ID and billing details,and much more. We also provide a Help Scout app, which together with the automated software updates and proration of upgrades will minimize your support load.

Respecting data privacy laws

By working closely with one of the best legal tech firms in the country, we manage to successfully navigate the fine-line between offering you the best tracking, marketing and CRO capabilities, while meeting constantly evolving global data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Utilize intelligent dev tools to deploy your software

5-min SDK Integration

No need to set up any gateways like Stripe, Authorize, or Paypal because we handle payments for you. Just sign up to start selling.

Robust developer platform

A PHP Preprocessor baked into our deployment mechanism allows you to manage a single code base for your freemium product. Our webhooks mechanism combined with Freemius robust and performant API allows you to access, manage, edit and automate everything you can imagine.

Comprehensive testing tools

Thoroughly test and debug your integration before going live with a sandbox mode environment, test cards, manually issued license keys, and more.

The Effect of Joining Freemius

Businesses with Large Payments Volumes

Freemius offers everything needed to run WordPress plugins & themes business at scale. Get in touch for details.

  Account management  Migration assistance
 Dedicated support  Volume discounts

Migrating from a marketplace or self-hosted solution? We’ve got your back - our team will take care of the migration process for you for free!

Freemius is used by well-known WordPress companies

On average, businesses that migrated from competing solutions like EDD and WooCommerce increased their revenues by 97% in 12 months.

Vova Feldman
CEO, Freemius


Yes, you can! If you are leveraging the freemium business-model – is a great distribution channel for getting free users. Our WordPress SDK is compliant with the guidelines and has been reviewed and approved, by the plugins and themes review teams. In fact, there are currently hundreds of products that are hosted on and are using Freemius.

Not at all! We don’t believe in “locking” our customers in. We are committed to continuously provide value for your businesses, so you WANT to keep working with us, even though you don’t HAVE to.

Nope. No need for that because Freemius serves as your reseller.

Yes we do! Freemius comes with a fully-featured Affiliation Platform which you can utilize to onboard and manage affiliates.

Avoid the hassles of EU VAT compliance by having Freemius handle VAT collection, compliance and payments. Utilize support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption when selling to businesses.

For sure! The add-ons business-model is one of the popular models in the WordPress ecosystem. Hence, we made sure to fully support it, whether you are selling plugin add-ons or theme add-ons.

The minimum account balance required for payment is $100.00.


Yes! As we resell your products you do not need to set up any payment gateways. The payments will be processed via our gateways and we’ll pay out your earnings once a month via PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank Wires (IBAN/SWIFT).

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Built with Developers and WordPress businesses in Mind

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Built with Developers and WordPress businesses in Mind

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5-min SDK Integration

We have a quick integration process to start using all of our features.

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