How It Works

  • Setup your plans

    Configure your plugin's or theme's plans and pricing on freemius developer's dashboard.
  • Integrate SDK

    Embed our WordPress SDK into your plugin or theme by wrapping your premium features with plan related logic.
  • Start Making Money

    Freemius will enable everything required to convert your users into a paying customer.

Focus on Developing Great Plugin / Theme Features

Let Freemius take care of the rest!

  • User management
  • Analytics
  • Payments & Checkout
  • Compliance
  • Dual Version Management
  • Customer Support Channel
  • Deployment & Updates

Pay as you go

7% * + gateway fees (30¢ + ~3% per successful charge) after $5k in gross rev
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Real-time revenue analytics
  • Sell from any website
  • Sell from within the dashboard
* 27% on first $1k; 17% on $1k-$5k; 7% after $5k;
The % based on lifetime gross sales


Freemius offers everything needed to run WordPress plugins & themes business at scale. Get in touch for details.
Account management Volume discounts
Migration assistance Dedicated support

Freemius is used by well-known WordPress companies

  • Integration was a snap. And now I have concrete numbers telling me how many users I have.
    Corey Maass
    Founder, Kanban for WordPress

  • It’s hard to get data about who is using your plugins, and how. Freemius is the best product I’ve seen to help you get more data, and take action on it.
    Scott Bolinger
    Co-Founder, AppPresser

  • The dashboard enables me to see all the info about my users. It helps me to evaluate new strategies and improve my plugins.
    Daniele Scasciafratte
    Co-Founder & CTO, Codeat

  • The kind of insight and analytics that Freemius can offer about plugin users is unheard of.
    Erick Danzer
    Owner, NextGEN Gallery

  • I’m excited about finding uses for Freemius in my plugins because as a business owner I just need more data than I get from
    Josh Pollock
    Co-Founder, CalderaWP

  • I haven’t seen anything else like this available to those of us wanting to build out freemium-based WordPress plugins.
    Tom McFarlin
    Founder, PressWare

  • Freemius allows you to learn about your users behavior and needs. And provide outstanding quality with data-driven decisions.
    Mario Peshev
    Founder, DevriX

  • Freemius helps me to track my users engagement level. I know when a user needs support or why a user deactivates the plugin during the first minutes.
    Ahmad Awais
    Founder, WPTiE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to have a premium version?

    Not at all. You can leverage our user management and in depth analytics by integrating Freemius into your plugin or theme without having a premium version.

  • Can I use Freemius if my plugin is hosted on

    YES YOU CAN! is a great source for "free traffic". We designed the deployment process to keep your free plugin or theme fully compliant with guidelines.

  • Will this work with other platforms like Drupal?

    We designed Freemius to work with any platform by designing a robust RESTful API. Having said that, we are currently focused on WordPress plugins and themes, and built a designated WordPress SDK that makes the integration ridiculously simple. We will be building more custom platform SDKs soon.

  • I want to monetize with add-ons, will this work?

    YES! We are proud to be fully supporting the Add-ons model to power your plugin or theme.

  • I have a free plugin, why should I monetize it with a freemium model?

    If you find the time to continuously add features, maintain the plugin and provide support for your users, all for free - you are really awesome and please keep doing that! But that's not the usual case, if you want to spend more time improving your plugin and providing great support, you'll have to find an additional source of income for that time. Wouldn't it make sense to get the money from the plugin?! Everyone will be happy - your free users will get a better supported plugin. Your paid customers, will be happy to pay for the extra features in the premium version.

  • I still have a question. How do I contact you?

    Send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you out.