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Cart Abandonment Recovery

Based on studies, 7 out of 10 people who start a checkout process will abandon it before completing the transaction. A common technique to recover some of these lost customers is a Cart Abandonment Recovery emails campaign. Freemius comes with a fully-featured Cart Abandonment Recovery mechanism that will work for you automatically, and out of the box.

How Does it work?

Capture email addresses via the SDK’s opt-in or as they’re typed on your checkout page

Freemius keeps track of your checkout page and captures the email address of visitors as soon as it’s typed into the email address field. If the visitor opened the checkout within the WP Admin and they opted-in before, an imediate tracking of the checkout will start once the page loads. This maximizes the number of abandoned carts that are tracked, emailed, and recovered!

Send an automated email campaign to abandoning visitors

Once an email address is captured, a 60-minute countdown begins. If the visitor completes their checkout, Freemius just marks them as a normal completed checkout and takes no further action.
But if the visitor does not complete their purchase – we trigger an automated email campaign designed to bring them back to your site (or their WP Admin) to complete the purchase.

Freemius will send up to 3 conversion optimized emails following best practices and taking into consideration the specific product’s refund policy, trial period, coupons, and more:
Freemius Cart Recovery Email Example

Freemius will also optimize the timing in which it sends out the recovery emails:

1st Recovery Email

  • Sent 60 minutes after the last checkout visit.
  • Will include the cart and your refund policy, if you have set one.

2nd Recovery Email

  • Sent 24 hours after the checkout was initiated.
  • Will include the cart, your refund policy, and an alternative option to start a trial.

3rd Recovery Email

  • Sent 3 days after the 2nd recovery email.
  • Will include the cart, your refund policy, a discount code, and an alternative option to start a trial.

Low-level cart tracking

See the details on every single session that occurs on your checkout page, providing you with a new level of insight into your conversion and cart abandonment:
Freemius Dashboard Carts Management