Changelog / Added ability to show custom Support Form in User Dashboard

Added ability to show custom Support Form in User Dashboard

We’ve always included a built-in support form in our User Dashboard. From there, a user can contact the developer directly if they have any product issues. The developer will receive an email in their support mailbox when contacted.

Freemius User Dashboard Support Contact Form

We recently received queries from our partners asking if there’s a way to direct users to a custom support page instead. We are pleased to announce that this feature has now been implemented.

Adding a custom Support Form URL

From the Developer Dashboard, navigate to My Store by clicking on your profile icon at the top right.

Freemius Developer Dashboard Configure Support Form

On the My Store page, you’ll see a new input called Support Form. You can enter a valid URL there.

If you are using the Beta Developer Dashboard, go to the Store Settings page from the left-hand sidebar.

Freemius Beta Developer Dashboard Support Form Configuration

Once there, you’ll see the Support Form input.

How it shows up in the User Dashboard

Freemius User Dashboard Custom Support URL

After you’ve configured the custom Support Form URL, the user will see a Continue button when they open the User Dashboard and go to the Support menu. Clicking the Continue button will take them to the configured URL.