Changelog / Fixing checkout marketing opt-in mechanism and others

Fixing checkout marketing opt-in mechanism and others

Marketing Opt-In UI in the checkout

We noticed in some cases the marketing UI was defaulting to “No” instead of asking the user about their choice.

Freemius Checkout Marketing Opt-In UI

We fixed this regression. Now the UI will be in an indeterminate state, making the customer choose their preference.

Freemius Checkout Marketing Opt-In Indeterminate UI

Fixing user.created event

We noticed in some edge cases the event was not fired. We figured out the root cause and have pushed a fix.

Regression in subscription cancellation email

We noticed some regression in the modification we made in the subscription cancellation email to have its replyTo set to the user instead of Freemius. We have reverted the change for the time being. We will investigate the issue and fix it in the near future.