Changelog / Freemius Checkout Improvements

Freemius Checkout Improvements

We’ve made various under-the-hood improvements to the Freemius Checkout app. Here are the notable ones.

Improving the error messages and the UI

We’ve updated the error message to improve the UX when the server returns an error.

Freemius Checkout Error Message

Previously, it was showing an obscure message. While the message was relevant to attackers, it was misleading to legit customers. We hope the new message will clearly indicate to a legit customer the next steps they need to take.

Improvement of the 2FA mechanism

We found quite a few edge cases, where the 2FA mechanism was breaking the UX due to some browser policy. To make the 2FA work – regardless of whether the browser is blocking cookies – we completely overhauled the system. Now, the 2FA should work no matter if it is embedded in an iframe and regardless of whether the browser or some extension is blocking cookies.

Improvements in the localization

We improved a few of the translations and their plural forms to make them compatible with transifex.