Changelog / Freemius for Saas – General improvements

Freemius for Saas – General improvements

We have made subtle changes to make the SaaS selling experience better with Freemius. If you create a new product with SaaS type like below

You will notice several changes and improvements throughout the system. For example:

  1. The checkout will show a better message after completion.
  2. The User Dashboard will not show the “Download” button for SaaS products.
  3. Different transactional and marketing emails sent by Freemius are now optimized for SaaS usage.
  4. Various wordings in the Developer Dashboard and the checkout also emphasize the SaaS type by using the term product instead of plugin, widget, theme etc.

These are only the first changes we are rolling out to improve SaaS experience with Freemius. Please stay tuned for more updates.