Changelog / License unit concept and miscellaneous changes

License unit concept and miscellaneous changes

License unit concept in User Dashboard and emails

After receiving feedback, we have implemented features to introduce a license unit in our User Dashboard and emails sent by Freemius. We’ve always associated licenses with ‘sites’ or ‘websites’ where they are active. We called it the same, for example: ‘Single-Site License’ or ‘5-Site License’, etc. But some of our partners required more and needed a way to customize it. For example, if one is selling licenses per user, then they may want to call it ‘5-User License’.

Given the usage, we didn’t feel we needed to introduce a system-wide configuration. Instead, we enabled the feature, and only when requested by a partner specifically. So if you need to customize the unit associated with a license, please get in touch with us by clicking the ‘Help’ button from the Developer Dashboard.

Miscellaneous changes

  • FIX: Edge case bug fix when activating sites from a WordPress Multi Site Network.
  • FIX: Some edge case scenarios with refund mechanisms involving VAT.
  • UPDATE: Some LastPass-related compatibility fixes in the User Dashboard.