Changelog / SaaS-related improvements to the Checkout

SaaS-related improvements to the Checkout

In a bid to make our system more friendly to SaaS businesses, we’ve implemented the following improvements to our Checkout.

Modified license unit label

Following up on a request from our partner, we’ve introduced month as a license unit label (for example 5 Months API access).

Freemius SaaS license unit improvements

Notably, we’ve also removed the word License from the dropdown as it makes little to no sense for SaaS checkouts. You’ll also notice that the input field asking for an existing license key to ‘upgrade’ the license is also hidden for SaaS.

If you’d like to customize the license unit of your SaaS, please get in touch with us.

Customizing the post-purchase message

Because SaaS requires different post-purchase instructions, we’ve added the capability in our system to modify the message shown after making a payment.

Freemius SaaS post message improvements

This feature is still in beta. If you’d like to change your post-purchase message, please get in touch with us.

Improvements to the Invoice

Freemius SaaS invoice

We’ve stopped adding the word Lifetime before the plan name in the ‘Item Description’ for SaaS products and lifetime billing cycles. Usually, one-time payments for a SaaS business means purchasing a specific amount of resources. Therefore, the word Lifetime could be confusing.