Changelog / Onboarding system in our Developer Dashboard

Onboarding system in our Developer Dashboard

Following on from our previous release of “UX improvement in the new Product Form“, we’ve been developing a robust onboarding system for our new and existing partners.

The Freemius platform provides many features for our partners. There is a lot to explore: from email white-labeling and special coupons to automated marketing.

Up until now, developers had to figure out things for themselves without structured guidance. With this release, we are proud to announce that such a system is now available in our Beta Developer Dashboard.

New Setup Checklist page Freemius Developer Dashboard


Exploring the Setup Checklist

On the bottom left of the product sidebar, please click on the new button Setup Checklist. This will take you to the page with instructions and actionable items for you to finish setting up your product.

Setup Checklist button

If you don’t see this button, it simply means that your product is completely set up according to the recommended steps.

Completing the checklist

Depending on your product, you might see up to three checklist sections.

Get Started Checklist

Getting Started checklist

This is the bare minimum you’ll need to complete to make your product work with Freemius. Once you’ve finished it, the items will be automatically marked as checked.

Dismissing mandatory setup checklist item

You can also click on the grey Checkbox icon to temporarily dismiss an item. Once you finish the setup, the item will be marked as done by our system.

Customize Checklist

These are the steps to ‘while-label’ or ‘customize’ Freemius to behave like your existing website. For example, you might have a website domain and would like Freemius to send emails from [email protected]. This list will show you how to do that.

Customization related setup checklist

Generally, these items are not mandatory and Freemius can work without them, but we highly recommend that you follow the walkthrough and finish setting them up.

Dismissing checklist item

You can click on the button on the right to dismiss an item.

Grow Checklist

Freemius Developer Dashboard "Grow" Checklist

These steps will help you get the most out of Freemius. Things like special coupons and the affiliate program appear here. Just as before, none of these steps are mandatory and you may dismiss any items you don’t want.

Some FAQs related to the Setup page

Do I need to complete all the steps to sell with Freemius?

All items apart from the Get Started list are optional. Please use the Setup Checklist page as a guide to understanding what you can do with Freemius. You are free to choose which items you want and can dismiss the items not relevant to you.

I dismissed an item but now I’d like to use it. Is there a way to access it?

Click on the Green Checkbox button again to reactivate the item. Or, you can simply follow the instruction and take the necessary steps. The item will be marked as done automatically.

I see some items crossed out with a green checkbox and I can’t click it. What’s up?

Those items are marked as ‘done’ by our system because you’ve already followed the required steps. Since there’s no point in toggling its status, it now appears as read-only.

Do I need to register a new product to start using this system?

Absolutely not. If you have a product with Freemius – no matter for how long – you will find the new button when you visit the product page from the Developer Dashboard. If the button is not appearing, it means your product is 100% set up.