Changelog / Other bug fixes and improvements

Other bug fixes and improvements

Fixed some store-scoped API endpoints not working properly

Since we released the multi-store Developer Dashboard, we noticed some API endpoints were not working properly. We have investigated all such endpoints and have made fixes.

Improved the email address verification mechanism for users

We noticed that if a Developer changes a User’s email from the Developer Dashboard, the User will see a blank screen upon clicking the confirmation button. Although their email change was getting verified, this still presented a poorer UX. We have improved this UX, by redirecting the User to the User Dashboard and showing an appropriate message.

Freemius User Dashboard email address verification UI

We also took this opportunity to improve the email message itself.

Fixed loading of white-listed sites for license activation

In some edge cases, we found that a few users were facing issues activating their white-listed licenses. We found out the cause and have fixed it.

Fixed coupon code issues with PayPal

One partner of ours reported that some coupons were not working with the PayPal payment method. We investigated the cause and have deployed a fix.

Small Analytics graph improvement

We noticed in some cases we were plotting incorrect 0 values on some graphs where data was not available.

We have fixed this by removing the zero points from the graph, which presents a nicer UX.