Freemius Launches 🚀💥 A Podcast for Software Entrepreneurs to Kickstart & Grow Their Product Businesses

After two years of assembly, countless hours of planning, meticulous research, never-ending reviews, and scrutinous editing… It’s my pleasure to announce that Freemius is getting into the podcast game with the software product business podcast! 🥳

Learn and Launch: What is and Who Is It For? is a value-first podcast that aims to inspire, entertain, and educate indie developers and ‘lifestyle’ software product makers by diving into insightful discussions with industry experts. Our goal is to share their perspectives, stories, and firsthand learnings to help you with launching and growing your software product business.

It’s a place for the bootstrappers, the makers, and the hobbyists — who see their passion as so much more — to share their personal and professional journeys. There’s more to makers than their products, and by exploring their different lived experiences, we’ll reveal surprising connections and new, inspiring ways of approaching product development (and maybe even life in general).

Going Beyond WordPress: Democratizing Knowledge for the Greater Software Product Community

This is our ‘why’:

By bringing experts together in a captivating business podcast to share their insights with the community, we aim to democratize this knowledge and give everyone the opportunity to learn from the best in their respective fields.

We want to give back to the makers’ community in a significant way. By drawing upon the extensive experience and deep understanding of successful product creators, we’ll provide practical insights that can be applied to any digital product business, transcending the WordPress ecosystem.

Our Show Host – Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland hosts the business podcast

Finding the right host was a huge challenge. We weren’t only looking for someone engaging and experienced in podcasting — we also wanted a DO-er with a strong hands-on background in eCommerce and software product marketing. We certainly found the perfect fit!

Patrick Rauland has some serious credentials — from holding various eCommerce positions to authoring web tutorials for website owners and developers. We knew Patrick was the man for the job from the start, and his expertise and industry experience make each and every interview that much more enriching. Cheers to you, Patrick! 🍻

What to Expect from Season One

In our inaugural season, we’ll cover a range of essential topics that are crucial for your software product business. Here’s a glimpse of the first few podcast episodes:

Collaboration Unleashed: Exploring the Impact of Mastermind Groups with Katie Keith

Profile picture of Katie Keith, who appears on the podcast

Join us as we dive into the impact of mastermind groups with Katie Keith. Katie shares how her own mastermind group has influenced her personal and business growth. You’ll learn beneficial, practical insights on finding the right group members, establishing an effective structure, and the commitment required to ensure a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Listen/watch 👉 Katie’s Masterminds Episode

Growth Hacking on a Budget: Rob Hope on Stretching Limited Resources for Business Growth

Profile picture of Rob Hope, who appears on the product software podcast

In this growth-hacking podcast episode, we sit down with Rob Hope, a resourceful South African solopreneur who knows how to maximize limited resources. Rob shares clever growth-hacking tips and marketing strategies that can stretch your budget further and help you successfully launch and distribute products. We explore his experience with the Hot Tips Twitter Drip Feed, which led to the successful launch of his eBook. You’ll discover how experimentation and learning from both successes and failures can pave the way for bigger and better things.

Listen/watch 👉 Rob’s Growth Hacking Episode

Miriam Schwab on Partnerships and the Power of Collaboration for Success

Profile picture of Rob Hope, who appears on the product software podcast

Partnerships and collaboration are integral to entrepreneurial success, and Miriam Schwab brings a wealth of knowledge on this subject. In this business strategy podcast, Miriam shares her experiences in establishing partnerships and discusses the power of collaboration for driving success. Her journey, including the acquisition by Elementor, provides valuable lessons for our audience. You’ll learn from her expertise in collaborating with competitors and building strategic alliances.

Look out for Miriam’s episode soon!

And There’s More to Come!

The podcast episodes I’ve described are just the tip of the iceberg! Still to come: Matt Medeiros will be discussing how solopreneurs and SMBs can leverage podcasting for team-building, and Patrick Posner will give tips on how solopreneurs can diversify their portfolios for business growth. And there are plenty more to follow 😉

The Freemius team is excited for you to listen to what we’ve put together. We also can’t wait to hear (😅) your thoughts. Share them with us on our social channels, and be sure to tune into a new episode each week at

Vova Feldman

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Freemius CEO & Founder, a serial entrepreneur and full-stack developer since age 14, propelled by a pursuit of excellence, embraces a holistic approach to life shaped by invaluable lessons in hard work and discipline.

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