Video Wrangler

Freemius video producers create educational and informative content that takes a deep-dive into highly complex and relevant topics for our WordPress business partners.

Freemius is a SaaS startup that helps WordPress plugin & theme developers around the globe run their business and accept payments, manage subscriptions & software licensing, get user-data, offer trials and (much) more.

Join our growing distributed team and make an impact on millions of WordPress users. We are passionate about the open-source community and about helping developers around the world build prosperous, subscription-based businesses while working on things they love!

We’re looking for an outstanding Video Production Manager to join Freemius’ development team. If you love ❤️️ creating awesome videos that inspire and educate people, we want to hear from you. Besides being really confident in the knowledge you’ll be sharing, you’ll need to be creative in the way you want to share our content!

The job opportunity is unique since we are still a relatively small team with a large customer base, so there’s a lot of room to grow.

Ownership, Not Just Accountability

If you see yourself working just as a mean to get a salary, we totally respect that, but it’s not the type of mentality we seek. On the other hand, if your spouse/friends keep telling you that you have to stop caring so much about your work and your answer is “this project is my baby” that’s the exact sense of ownership we are looking for.

What You Will Be Doing

Who Are We Looking For

Bonus points if you have already have:


How To Apply

Email your CV the title “Senior PHP Developer” to [email protected]If you have accessible repos (GitHub, BitBucket, etc.) with some example of code meeting the previous requirements, kindly include them in the email so we can sneak a peek into your abilities.

Also, include the answers to the following questions: