Resolve credit card disputes
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What’s Your Success Rate At Winning Credit Card Disputes for Your WordPress Plugin/Theme Business?

If your face just went all sour then our guess is that you’re just about ready to give up on dealing with credit card disputes altogether.

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11 Proven Techniques To Increase Your Credit-Card Disputes Win Success Rate by 740%

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What’s inside?

We’ve learned that many WordPress plugin & theme sellers simply give up on dealing with Stripe or credit card disputes their customers file against them. After losing so many of them – who could blame them for assuming that their chances of winning are so slim?

This book aims to change that by explaining why it is unquestionably worth your valuable time to battle and resolve those disputes, and also demonstrates what you need to collect and how you can do so. It uncovers the unique techniques we’ve developed at Freemius, which enable our company to proudly say we’ve achieved a huge increase in our credit card disputes wins success rate: they surged from 4% all the way up to 29.6%!

The book, titled: “11 Proven Techniques To Increase Your Credit Card Disputes Win Success Rate by 740%” by Freemius, has all of the knowledge and tools you need at your disposal in order to start winning those disputes (and chargebacks) and help you run a prosperous WordPress plugins or themes business.

Freemius’ e-book unlocks one of the biggest mysteries WordPress developers are facing: how do you create a sustainable, subscription-based business out of a hobby WordPress plugin?

Josh Pollock

Founder at Caldera Forms
If you are looking for genuine hands-on advice about selling your WordPress plugin/theme you need to read this ebook. No BS I promise you.

Luca Fracassi

Founder at Addendio

Absolutely essential reading for anyone who wants to grow a sustainable WordPress plugin business. Great insight from the Freemius team on marketing, sales and development – all backed up by real stats and actual experience of doing this for real.

Jamie Marsland

Founder at Pootlepress
Downloaded this guide via @freemius . Blown away by the information and value it provides for plugin developers. Great work!

CEO & Founder at XL Plugins

A big shout out to @freemius for the “WordPress Plugin Business book”. You find incredible business insights!

Co-Founder at WPCouple

Do u develop WordPress plugins?
Freemius has a FREE (shouldn’t be) eBook, filled with info you need to run a plugin business!
WordPress Core Contributor
Simply the best information on plugins for Business – check it out!

Product owner, co-organizer at WordCamp Tampa

The team at Freemius have released a gigantic ebook about the business of selling and the process of developing WordPress plugins… I’ve been going through it slowly when I find time and have been enjoying it so far.

There is probably no other resource so full of valuable knowledge about creating and selling WordPress products. Highly recommended!

Hendrik Luehrsen

CEO at WP Munich