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2-min and you get analytics, sites & users capture for your WordPress product.

We're not kidding about the "2-min" integration!

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How It Works?

Freemius Insights Integration
SDK Integration
only 2-min

Add our developer friendly, GPL licensed, WordPress SDK into your plugin/theme and copy-paste the snippet of code to your main plugin's file.

Freemius Insights WordPress Opt-In
Users Opt-in
60% opt-in rate

Freemius will automatically add a user-friendly, OAuth like opt-in screen right after your plugin/theme's activation.

Freemius Insights

Congrats! You are a data-driven developer. Analyze who is using your solution and how. Learn why users abandon it, and lots more.

Know Your Users

Whether you monetize today or are thinking about doing it in the future, building a mailing list is crucial for your success. Start capturing emails ASAP.

Send News & Announcements

Remember the last time you had to release an urgent security patch, but didn’t have a way to tell your users? Now you can! All you need to do is send an email.

Email Marketing

Your free users are the most qualified leads to become paying customers. It’s time to start a closer relationship with them and eventually convert them to paying customers.

Users Section

Decrease Abandon Rate

Did you know that over 20% of the users that install your WordPress plugin will abandon it after less than 15 min? Wouldn’t you want to know why? Of course you would!

Freemius Insights Dashboard
Learn Why Users Abandon

Freemius Insights helps WordPress plugin and theme developers capture this feedback with our user-friendly Deactivation Feedback Form. And you’ll be surprised - 82% of the users are happy to tell you why they deleted your plugin/theme.

End of 1-Star Reviews

The feedback form provides an alternative way to spill the anger. Angry users feel satisfied criticizing your plugin once in the feedback form without affecting your avg rate.

Take Action

Identified a feature that many users find missing? Awesome! Once you release the feature, contact these users and tell them about it!

Use Data — Stop Guessing

WordPress plugins and themes are distributed software. Each installation has its own unique environment. Not knowing anything about your users’ environments makes it impossible to predict failures.

  • With Freemius Insights, you can learn extremely valuable metrics, like the WordPress versions your users have, the PHP versions and more. This data helps make smarter development decisions.

  • Before you rush into adding a new cool core function that is only supported in 3.7, check how many of your users are using older versions.

  • Before you add namespaces to your classes, do you know how many of your users still run on PHP 5.2?

Translate to What Matters Most

Easily identify the top languages used by your plugin and theme users and make the effort to localize the plugin/theme for them. This will make your users happy and will help you get more interest and coverage from local bloggers.


Automate Your Product Marketing Process

Leverage the webhooks mechanism to define actions performed by your plugin/theme users as events that trigger an action.

The Freemius Insights marketing automation mechanism helps keep your customers delighted and increases your bottom line.
Freemius Insights Marketing Automation

Shift your marketing to autopilot and concentrate on coding more awesome features!

Show users that you care

When someone installs and activates your plugin/theme - Automatically send a warm welcome email message and provide them with some useful links or advice on what can be achieved with your plugin. Additionally, you can add their email address to a list of people who receive your drip campaign emails series.

Increase engagement

When a user of your plugin achieves its main goal1 - that’s the perfect time to email them with a request and a link for them to rate your product and get more positive exposure in the WordPress market.

Cross-promote on farewell

If a user uninstalls your plugin or theme for some reason (Freemius automatically collects user feedback for you) - send them a farewell email with some links to other great WordPress plugins/themes your company produces.

1 ‘Custom event tracking’ feature is available for Freemius Insights ‘Business’ plan users only.
Side Project? It’s absolutely FREE for you!

If you don’t make any money from your plugin/theme, we got you covered. 2-week historical aggregated metrics, 100 most recent user emails -- all for FREE! The only thing we ask in return is a symbolic attribution. For plugins - by adding 'freemius' as a contributor to your readme.txt file (not committer). For themes - by adding our badge to your site's footer (emails export & web hooks are not included).


Start for Free, no credit card required!
If you plan to sell with Freemius, sign-up here for free. You'll get all our features automatically unlocked after several successful "production" sales. The pricing below is relevant if you only intend to use Freemius for analytics & usage-tracking.
29/ mo per plugin

Entry point for side projects with initial revenues.

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No credit card required
  • Full historical metrics
  • Deactivation Form
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Emails Export
  • Events & Webhooks
  • API Access
99/ mo per plugin

The best tool building a powerful mailing list.

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No credit card required
  • Full historical metrics
  • Deactivation Form
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Emails Export
  • Events & Webhooks
  • API Access
199/ mo per plugin

For growing business who want to optimize marketing.

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No credit card required
  • Full historical metrics
  • Deactivation Form
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Emails Export
  • Events & Webhooks
  • API Access
299/ mo per plugin

Everything you need to increase your bottom line.

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No credit card required
  • Full historical metrics
  • Deactivation Form
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Emails Export
  • Events & Webhooks
  • API Access

(*) A Free Trial gives an access to the free tier. If you are monetizing your product you are expected to upgrade within 14 days after your registration.

Freemius is used by well-known WordPress companies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a Compliant?

    Mos-def! If you are familiar with the guidelines, you already know that “phoning home” is not allowed without the user’s consent. Therefore, we don’t capture any information without user opt-in. We probably have the most strict opt-in form in the repo.

  • Can I use Freemius Insights with EDD or WooCommerce?

    Absolutely YES! There’s no collision nor interaction between Freemius and other eCommerce solutions. You can add Freemius Insights both to your free and premium plugin versions.

  • Can I use it on CodeCanyon or ThemeForest?

    Yes! It’s compliant with the marketplace rules. In fact, a similar analytics product, called PressTrends, was widely adapted by ThemeForest and CodeCanyon developers in early 2014.

  • Can I use it in my Premium only plugin?

    Yes, you can! In addition, since you are not obligated to any guidelines, you can capture all the information without the opt-in screen. If you do so, you would need to explicitly mention that part in your privacy and terms of use. Having said that, since no one really reads the privacy and terms, we do recommend using the opt-in screen as an ethical transparency act.

  • Will you share the captured emails with someone else?

    Your data is safe and sound. We will never-ever, never-ever, share your user emails with any 3rd party.

  • Can I customize the opt-in screen?

    We crafted special filters to customize the messaging and buttons of the opt-in screen. If it’s not enough, you can completely edit the PHP template file in the SDK. Make sure you keep it clear about what information is being captured and that it’s sent to Freemius. Otherwise, it won’t be compliant with the guidelines.

  • Can I use it for my theme?

    Yes! Freemius Insights is now fully integrated with themes!

  • I still have a question. How do I contact you?

    Send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you out.