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Analytics & Insights

  • Can I customize the opt-in screen?

    We have crafted special filters to customize the messaging and buttons of the opt-in screen. You can also completely edit the PHP template file in the SDK. Make sure you keep it clear about what information is being captured and that it’s sent to Freemius. Otherwise, it won’t be compliant with the WordPress.org guidelines.

  • Can I use Insights in my Premium only plugin or theme?

    Yes, you can! In addition, since you are not obligated to any guidelines, you can capture all the information and skip the opt-in screen. If you do so, you would need to explicitly mention that part in your privacy and terms of use. Having said that, since no one actually reads the privacy and terms, we recommend using the opt-in screen as an ethical transparency act.

  • Can I use Freemius Insights on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest?

    Yes! It’s compliant with the marketplace rules. In fact, a similar analytics product, called PressTrends, was widely adapted by ThemeForest and CodeCanyon developers in early 2014.

  • Can I use Freemius Insights with EDD or WooCommerce?

    Absolutely YES! There’s no collision nor interaction between Freemius Insights and other eCommerce solutions. Freemius Insights does not depend on on our monetization solutions. You can add Freemius Insights to both your free and premium plugin versions.