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  • What payment methods can I accept with Freemius?

    We use Stripe and PayPal, and therefore accepts all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

  • Do you support coupons?

    Yes – we support absolute amounts and percentage based coupons.
    You can set up the effective date range of a coupon validity, set whether the discount should apply for all payments or only for the initial payment, and other cool customization options.

  • Do I need to set up a gateway to sell with Freemius?

    Nope. No need for that because Freemius serves as your reseller.

  • What currencies do you support?

    With Freemius you can sell and receive payments in USD (US dollars), GBP (British pounds), and EUR (Euros).

  • Does Freemius store customer credit card numbers on Freemius servers?

    We aren’t crazy 🙂 Credit Cards do not even “touch” our servers and “speak” directly to Stripe, a well trusted and secure gateway.

  • Is Freemius Checkout PCI compliant?

    Yes, we are PCI compliant; we use PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe.js, and our checkout is secured with an HTTPS protocol.

  • Is Freemius In-App/Dashboard checkout PCI compliant?

    Yes. Whether the housing site runs securely over HTTPS out not, our In-Dashbord Checkout is loaded securely via a PCI compliant HTTPS iframe.

  • Does Freemius support EU VAT?

    Avoid the hassles of EU VAT compliance by having Freemius handle VAT collection, compliance and payments. Utilize support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption when selling to businesses.

  • How much do I have to generate in order volume using Freemius before I can get paid?

    The minimum account balance required for payment is $100.00.

  • How can I get paid? How do I get my earnings?

    There are currently four payment methods available for you to collect your earnings from Freemius:

    1. PayPal (Default payment, using PayPal MassPay)
    2. Payoneer
    3. Wire Transfer (International and Domestic / IBAN)
    4. TransferWise

    International wires can be converted to your local currency. Due to our high volumes we’ve managed to negotiate great terms with our bank for currency conversion-rates and a complete fee waiver on foreign-currency international wire.

  • Do you offer specialized pricing for micro-transactions like on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market?

    The recommended minimum price per transaction is $3.99. Otherwise, your processing fee will be as high as 30%-50% due to the minimum per transaction rates charged by Stripe and PayPal. Email us to discuss your specific situation.

  • Can I customize the in-dashboard pricing and checkout pages?

    The pricing page is automatically generated and styled by Freemius, following WordPress admin dashboard design practices. We make sure it looks natural and optimized for best conversation results.
    We have years of experience optimizing conversion, and we use data to continuously improve on the pricing page.
    We do provide an option to add custom CSS stylesheets to enable personalization.
    You can add those stylesheets in PLANS -> CUSTOMIZATION:

    Note: For now, we do not recommend using custom CSS since changes in the page HTML structure maymight break your styles. We’ll try to communicate any changes in the HTML DOM. Having said that, and for the sake of agile development, we do not guarantee notifying you about any changes – it’s up to you to monitor changes.

  • Can I refund my customers?

    You can refund transactions up to 30 days after the transaction was successfully processed and payment was created.
    We currently only offer full refunds (no partial refunds).
    If you’d like to refund a customer after the 30 days refund window is over, we recommend resolving the refund request with your own payment services.

  • How long will it take until the customer sees the refund?

    While some refunds may be instantaneous, credit refunds can take 5–10 business days to show up in their customer’s credit card statement.

  • What happens if a customer disputes a payment / chargeback?

    The payment amount will be temporarily be held and we’ll contact you ASAP, giving you the chance to resolve the dispute directly with the customer.

    If the dispute isn’t resolved, we’ll step inup and handle each case individually.

    • If the dispute is resolved in your favor, you are all good.
    • If the dispute is resolved in favor of the customer, the held amount will be refunded to the customer.
    • If it was a bank dispute (via Stripe), chargebacks incur a fee of $15 which will be deducted from your balance.
  • Does Freemius supports prorating?

    Proration handles the increase or decrease to the subscription price when a price changes during any period of a subscription. By default, Freemius prorates plan updates (upgrades or downgrades).

  • Under the “Sites” menu, what is the difference between “Plan” and “Is Premium”?

    If you name your paid plan as “Premium” you might get a little confused with the terminology.
    The data under the plan column shows the current plan of the install.
    “Is Premium” tells if that site is running the free or the premium code version of your module.

  • Can I upsell multi-site licenses?

    Yes. You can set up custom monthly, annual and lifetime pricing for any amount of licenses.

  • What will my customers see on their Credit-Card and PayPal statement?

    People who purchase your WordPress product via Freemius get a CC statement after purchase. That statement will show your plugin’s name.
    For PayPal, the store name will be your product’s name but PayPal emails will state Freemius and will include the plugin description in the plan. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t provide a way to tweak this further.