Changelog / Added support for “Requires PHP” header for plugin’s readme.txt

Added support for “Requires PHP” header for plugin’s readme.txt

WordPress supports a special Requires PHP header in a plugin’s readme.txt file. If this has been implemented but the current web host is not running a compatible PHP version, WordPress blocks plugin updates.

Following feedback from our partners, we have added the same capability to our SDK and deployment strategy. If you include the Requires PHP header in your plugin’s readme.txt file, the SDK will show an appropriate notice on the update page and will block updates when needed.

Freemius SDK showing notice when "Requires PHP" header is not compatible.

You will also be able to see the new information under the Developer Dashboard’s Deployment page. We have added a new column: Min PHP Version.

Freemius Developer Dashboard showing Min PHP Version column.

The above feature will only work for new deployments as of today. Also, please note that you’ll need to update the Freemius SDK to v2.5.3 to fully utilize this feature.