Changelog / Complete Developer Dashboard reskinning – with dark mode

Complete Developer Dashboard reskinning – with dark mode

This weekend, it’s our pleasure to announce a wholly reskinned and modernized Developer Dashboard.


The entirety of the application has been reskinned. When you log in for the first time, the system will try to detect your color preference and automatically set the light or the dark theme. You can click on the sun/moon icon beside the Freemius logo to toggle the theme as you please.

Here are some notable pointers.

Modern and better icons set

Our designer Vitalii has worked hard to create modern and meaningful icons for the actions/information the Developer Dashboard provides. Here are some examples:

Redesigned SDK integration page

We have refreshed the design of the SDK integration page to elucidate the steps you need to take to integrate your product with Freemius.

Redesigned Plans page

We’ve made it easier to create new pricing variations and bulk licensing on the Plans page.

.These are but a few of the Developer Dashboard’s new improvements. Please login to your Developer Dashboard now and give us a shout on how you like them.