Changelog / Deployment summary 9th October, 2023

Deployment summary 9th October, 2023

Backend Fixes

  • We found an edge-case scenario where a product’s payment could not be refunded. We have found the issue and have pushed a fix.
  • We noticed a regression in our last major update on the analytics system. The MRR and Active Subscription metrics were incorrect, including sandbox subscriptions. We have pushed a fix for this.
  • We noticed and fixed a small typo on the EULA page of Freemius products.

Developer Dashboard Enhancements

Coupons Settings UI Enhancement

We have deployed a bunch of enhancements to the coupon settings UI.

Freemius Coupons Settings UI

  1. The coupon code will now always be visible inside the sticky header.
  2. The Is Active toggle is also now a part of the sticky header, located beside the close button.
  3. We have also fixed some layout issues along the way.

PayPal account types

We have renamed the PayPal account types in the “Payouts” section of the profile page to better reflect their meaning.

Freemius Payouts Settings

You will now get a clear indication to understand what the different types of accounts mean.