Changelog / New Audience metrics in Beta Developer Dashboard

New Audience metrics in Beta Developer Dashboard

We are excited to announce that the first major update to the new Analytics Dashboard has landed on our Beta Developer Dashboard. This update brings fresh new Audience metrics that are highly optimized and customizable.

Version Charts

You can now access the following version charts on the Audience Analytics page.

  • Plugin Versions
  • WP Versions
  • PHP Versions
  • SDK Versions

Version charts in Freemius Developer Dashboard

Each of the charts can be customized with

  • Version aggregation method
  • Coloring method
  • Sorting
  • Items to Show
  • Y-Axis positioning

You can also choose between Chart View or Table View from the same menu.

Table View mode in Charts Freemius Audience Analytics

Location & Language

Under the same page, you also get another section to view where your products are being used.

Location and Language in Audience Analytics - Freemius

The charts have the same features as before, except for ‘Version Aggregation’ and ‘Coloring’.