Changelog / Sidebar enhancements in the Developer Dashboard

Sidebar enhancements in the Developer Dashboard

Following feedback from many of our partners, we’re releasing a bunch of enhancements and fixes to the newly introduced Multi-store sidebar in our Developer Dashboard this week.

Better Stores and Products list navigation

We are now showing the number of products associated with a store when browsing the STORES list.

This will indicate if a store has no product. We hope this will be useful for identifying ‘accidentally’ created stores that you may no longer want to use and would like to delete.

When creating a new product under a store, the sidebar will now show the Stores header with the Products page being highlighted to better reflect what status you’re in.

The add-ons will now appear with a better UI to indicate which product they are under.

Following feedback, we have started adding a tooltip to show the full name of the product when hovering. This is useful if you have many products with similar names that are ‘trimmed’ to accommodate the space.

Improved search UX

When searching through products (which will only show up if you have more than 7 products), we now hide the Store title so that you can focus on the product names themselves.