Changelog / Table UI/UX improvements for the Developer Dashboard

Table UI/UX improvements for the Developer Dashboard

Following feedback from our partners, we allocated resources to improve the UI/UX of the tables in the Developer Dashboard. Here are the (significant) changes:

Licenses now appear as names instead of IDs

From now on, the licenses column will always correspond to the name of the plan. However, given that it’s also useful to search by IDs, the ID of the licenses will display when you hover over them. You can even click on the ID to copy it.

Subscriptions now appear as billing cycles instead of IDs

Similarly, we’ve changed how the subscriptions column shows up.

Better format of the Date column

We now show a human-friendly absolute date format in the date columns.

Hovering over it gives you the relative date from the current day.

We hope these changes will make the Developer Dashboard easier to navigate. Please let us know if you have any feedback.