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Improvements to developer transactional emails

We’ve added a small enhancement to include the customer’s ‘Store Profile’ link in the transactional emails we send to developers.

Freemius transactional emails with "Store Profile" link.

This helps developers quickly view the customer’s profile in the context of the product’s store. Transactional emails are sent for new purchases, renewals, etc.

SaaS-related improvements

We’ve pushed a few more improvements to make our system more SaaS-friendly.

Using the title ‘One Time’ instead of ‘Lifetime’ in the billing cycle

In the context of SaaS, ‘Lifetime’ often doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Billing Cycle UI showing "One Time" instead of "Lifetime"

To improve the checkout experience, we’ve changed the title to ‘One Time’ instead.

Bug fix in the multi-license discount UI

We noticed a small edge-case regression where the checkout line item and subtotal were not matching in cases of SaaS products. We’ve pushed a fix.

Enabled the new Checkout style by default

Today, we’re rolling out the new Checkout for everyone.

New checkout style

The new style will show up regardless of whether you have a custom CSS setting for the legacy checkout or not.

If you want to customize the new Checkout with CSS, please see our official guide here.

Freemius Developer Dashboard - Checkout CSS setting

Make sure to save the URL in the ‘Custom Checkout CSS file’ under the Developer Dashboard and not the one marked as (Legacy).

If for some reason you’d still like to use the legacy Checkout, we are offering it for a limited time. You must pass the checkout_style: 'legacy' in the JS snippet configuration.

    const handler = FS.Checkout.configure({
        plugin_id:  '9987',
        plan_id:    '16744',
        public_key: 'pk_f6ac0907ee421b1db0c94833cf26b',
        image:      ''
    $('#purchase').on('click', function (e) {{
            // Force load the legacy checkout
            checkout_style: 'legacy',
            name     : 'My Awesome SaaS',
            // ...

We urge you to stop using the legacy Checkout and migrate to the new one as soon as possible.

SaaS-related improvements to the Checkout

In a bid to make our system more friendly to SaaS businesses, we’ve implemented the following improvements to our Checkout.

Modified license unit label

Following up on a request from our partner, we’ve introduced month as a license unit label (for example 5 Months API access).

Freemius SaaS license unit improvements

Notably, we’ve also removed the word License from the dropdown as it makes little to no sense for SaaS checkouts. You’ll also notice that the input field asking for an existing license key to ‘upgrade’ the license is also hidden for SaaS.

If you’d like to customize the license unit of your SaaS, please get in touch with us.

Customizing the post-purchase message

Because SaaS requires different post-purchase instructions, we’ve added the capability in our system to modify the message shown after making a payment.

Freemius SaaS post message improvements

This feature is still in beta. If you’d like to change your post-purchase message, please get in touch with us.

Improvements to the Invoice

Freemius SaaS invoice

We’ve stopped adding the word Lifetime before the plan name in the ‘Item Description’ for SaaS products and lifetime billing cycles. Usually, one-time payments for a SaaS business means purchasing a specific amount of resources. Therefore, the word Lifetime could be confusing.

New analytics metrics: Total Installs

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new metric in your Developer Dashboard.

Total Installs (Audience Analytics)

Previously, we relied on the ‘Activations’ and ‘Deactivations’ events to determine or project the number of active installations or sites a plugin might have. We realized this metric was error-prone because of how the SDK can be used.

Total, active and abandoned installs

We’ve introduced a much better metric to more accurately determine total Active and Abandoned Installs.

Improved lifetime installs cards and statistics

The same metric is now used to accurately determine the ‘Opted In Active Installs’ and ‘All-time Installs’ in the lifetime data section.

Improved GDPR cookie tracking in embedded pricing page

We noticed that when the pricing page is loaded through our WordPress SDK, the cookie consent UI is always being shown, regardless of whether the user has already consented or rejected it.

The issue was rooted in how modern browsers are now treating iFrames and third-party cookies. We have fixed this issue. Additionally, to make it future-proof and more secure, we have implemented the partitioned cookie policy.

Fixed logging of license events for bundle purchases

We noticed an edge case where if a bundle was being manually renewed, the license.extended event of the child licenses was not being logged.

In this deployment, we have fixed the issue. So, in case you are listening to this through a webhook, you will now get the said event for child licenses.

Fixed bug of extending license with deleted plans

We noticed that if a plan was deleted with active subscriptions, the associated license would fail to extend its expiration date when renewals took place.

With today’s deployment, we’ve fixed this issue. However, we still recommend not deleting a plan with active subscriptions.

Hide plans from Freemius Developer Dashboard

If you do not want the plan to appear on the pricing page, consider hiding it.

Fixes to the sales charts in the Developer Dashboard

We noticed that we had two issues with the sales charts in our Developer Dashboard.

Fixed charts showing future data points

If today’s date was selected as the ‘End Date’ with an ‘Hourly’ resolution, then the charts were showing future hours.

Clamping chart dates to current UTC time - Freemius Developer Dashboard

As you can see – after the fix – the charts will show until the current GMT hour from now on.

Fixes in the trial chart

We noticed that we’ve been incorrectly showing ‘Trial cancellation count’ on the ‘Trial cancellation volume’ chart. We’ve fixed this typo.

Trial cancellation charts - Freemius Developer Dashboard

Additionally, we’ve also added the missing ‘Trial cancellation count’ chart to the page.