Changelog / Mailchimp integration improvements

Mailchimp integration improvements

This week, we are glad to announce some major improvements to the Mailchimp integration. Please find out below.

Using the same Mailchimp account for multiple products

Our system was not working when the same Mailchimp account was used for multiple products. We identified the root cause and fixed it.

Improvements to the Mailchimp UX

We took this opportunity to further improve the UX of Mailchimp connection. Now instead of a single button saying “Connect to Mailchimp” you will see a dropdown, in case you already have Mailchimp integrated with other products from your Developer account.

You can then choose to create a “New connection” or simply click an existing connection.

From here on, the workflow remains the same. You can add/modify rules for different events. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate the new “one-click” connection UX.