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Getting Started with Freemius

Get introduced to the platform and learn the basics.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about Freemius

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How to successfully migrate your digital products from different services into Freemius

Selling with Freemius

Everything you need to know in order to start selling your plugins / themes with Freemius

17 articles

Analytics & Insights

Learn how to start making smart, data-driven decisions about your product development and marketing

3 articles

WordPress SDK

The opt-in screen customization, how to handle licensing, localization, testing, and debugging

12 articles

Users Account Management

Learn how your users and customers can manage their account.

5 articles

Release Management

Learn about Freemius deployment, versioning, and release tools.

1 articles

Marketing Automation

Learn about a smart & customizable way to automate your plugins / themes marketing process

5 articles

Affiliate Platform

How to use Freemius' Affiliation solution to get affiliates to promote your products

5 articles

3rd Party Integrations

Learn how you can integrate Freemius with 3rd party applications like Help Scout or MailChimp

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Learn all about securing your Developer Dashboard account.

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