New Video Series – Experts Corner, Round I

Last February, I was supposed to attend my first WordCamp. I was really thrilled about meeting fellow WordPress-ers from all over the world at the first conference to be held in Asia. I was excited about all the plans we had at Freemius for new video opportunities at the conference – new testimonials, new filming locations, team retreat memories – and much more. We all know how that ended…

Instead of going together to WordCamp Asia and sipping Cha Yen (Thai iced tea) in Bangkok, we at Freemius met (virtually), and talked about what we can do to continue developing quality video content to “replace” the benefits of learning from each other at a WordPress-related event. The content we were looking for should be a continuation of our efforts to share actionable & experience-based business knowledge with the WordPress community – for free.

Expanding the Knowledge

As we were brainstorming, we realized that there’s so much “hidden” business knowledge in our ecosystem that is currently available to a clique of successful product companies and developers that physically attend WordCamps. So we asked ourselves – “how can we unlock that knowledge and democratize it for everyone?”

Then it hit us.

Our CEO, Vova Feldman, has built an outstanding network of close relationships with super-smart WP product influencers and professionals, so let’s bring these experts together for a video series to “harness” their advice, tips, and best practices on tactical and strategic burning business topics, and share this knowledge with the community.

Freemius Presents: A New Video Project!

We’re doubling down on video content and giving back to the community big time so that you can have access to the best in the field, be exposed to all kinds of opinions, and learn how to better sell your WordPress products from the top experts – all in the comfort of your own home.

The Reasons and the Vision

It’s a fact that the daily routine we’re accustomed to has changed all over the world – at least for the next few months, if not more. After WCEU and WCUS 2020 were both cancelled and moved online, it is becoming even more clear that physical, not social, distancing is here to stay. I’m replacing the word “social” with “physical” because humans are social creatures by nature, especially WordPress people at WordCamps (so I’ve heard).

This whole project started with the notion that one of the best reasons for attending WordCamp conferences is the opportunity to meet, talk to, and learn from some of the greatest experts in our field – people who have an extensive track record, thousands of hours under the WordPress hood, and a deep understanding of the “dos and don’ts” of creating profitable plugin, theme, SaaS, or other product businesses.

Although useful insight can be found in face to face meetings and conversations, not everyone has the network or the ability to be at physical conferences and “get in line” to ask “WordPress all-stars” all the burning questions they might have. Access to the experts’ knowledge used to be reserved to just a select few…Until now.

“Experts Corner” will focus on the business side of selling WordPress products and how to become a better business-person. Our goal is that these insights and tips should be so practical and useful, that they can be applied to any digital product business.

How’s It Going To Work?

Every other week, in addition to our ongoing educational video series, we’ll select a specific topic related to WordPress product monetization and release a collection of the best advice and tips from experts around the world. We’re also going to add more and more experts as the series comes along – so this is just the first round!

Some of the topics the experts are going to talk about include subscriptions, discounts, coupons, affiliation, pricing, refunds, trials, bundles, add-ons – and so many more!

Soon, this YouTube playlist will be THE place for you to tune in to get precious insights, advice, tips, celebrate success, and learn from glorious failures – all delivered by the best players in WordPress.

So, without further ado, I’m thrilled to introduce the experts of: Experts Corner!

James Farmer, Founder and CEO at Incsub - Experts Corner by Freemius

James Farmer

Founder & CEO at Incsub

WPMUDEV | CampusPress | 130 Employees

Selling plugins

We are behind the WordPress projects WPMU DEV, CampusPress and Edublogs. Incsub is short for ‘Incorporated Subversion’, which is what we build into everything we make.

Vova Feldman, Founder and CEO at Freemius - Experts Corner by Freemius

Vova Feldman

Founder & CEO at Freemius

8 Employees | 1,000+ products selling with Freemius


Freemius is the new standard in selling premium & freemium WordPress plugins & themes.

Laura de Figueiredo, HR Manager at OnTheGoSystems - Experts Corner by FreemiusOrnela Flores, COO at OnTheGoSystems - Experts Corner by Freemius

Laura de Figueiredo & Ornela Flores

HR Manager and COO & Marketing Manager at OnTheGoSystems

WPML | Toolset | 150,000 Active Customers | 96 Employees From 40 Countries

Selling plugins

A world-leading WordPress plugin builder.
We are the team behind some of the world’s most popular WordPress plugins including WPML and Toolset.

Maziar Firuzmand, Co-Founder and CMO at Artbees - Experts Corner by Freemius

Maziar Firuzmand

Co-Founder & CMO at Artbees

ThemeForest Elite | Jupiter X | WunderWP | WPDone

Selling themes

Our mission is to conquer the limits of WordPress as a CMS and make it more productive for those who respect the importance and unity of beauty and function in creating content on the web.

Kim Gjerstad, Founder and CEO at MailPoet - Experts Corner by Freemius

Kim Gjerstad

Founder & CEO at MailPoet

300,000 Websites Using MailPoet | 14 Employees

Selling plugins

Better email for WordPress-Powered Websites.

James Kemp, Founder and CEO at Iconic - Experts Corner by Freemius

James Kemp

Founder & CEO at Iconic

12,000+ Installs on WooCommerce Stores | 5 Employees

Selling plugins

We help store owners get the most out of WooCommerce with quality software, support, and tutorials.

Amit Keren, Founder and CEO at Unlimited Elements - Experts Corner by Freemius

Amit Keren

Founder & CEO at Unlimited Elements

Selling plugins

A library of unique Elementor Widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder.

Michael Makijenko, Founder and CEO at Visual Composer - Experts Corner by Freemius

Michael Makijenko

Founder & CEO at Visual Composer

Used on Over 4,000,000 Websites | 15 Employees

Selling plugins

Visual Composer is all you need to create a beautiful WordPress website.

Matt Medeiros, Owner at Matt Report and Slocum Studio - Experts Corner by Freemius

Matt Medeiros

Owner at Matt Report & Slocum Studio

Slocum Studio | Conductor | Easy Support Videos

Selling plugins

A WordPress podcast for digital businesses.
Matt Report is a place where I interview people making a living using WordPress.

Vito Peleg, Founder and CEO at WP FeedBack - Experts Corner by Freemius

Vito Peleg

Founder & CEO at WP Feedback

10,000+ Active Installs

Selling plugins

Get live feedback on your websites from professionals. Improve your skills, grow your business and become part of a community with like-minded people.

Dave Rodenbaugh, Founder and CEO at Recapture - Experts Corner by Freemius

Dave Rodenbaugh

Founder & CEO at Recapture

Business Directory | ~50,000 Active Installs | 7 Employees

Selling plugins

Get rid of your abandoned cart problem and boost your store’s revenue.

Sanjip Shah, Co-Founder and Themes Team Lead at ThemeGrill - Experts Corner by Freemius

Sanjip Shah

Co-Founder & Themes Team Lead at ThemeGrill

700,000 Active Users

Selling themes

Fast, lightweight & customizable beautiful WordPress themes.
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