Robert Nolte

Digital Copywriter at Freemius

Cape Town, South Africa

Robert is an experienced copywriter with a history in eCommerce who creates longer-form content pieces at Freemius. He studies Environmental Management part-time and is a passionate fiction writer, fisherman, diver, trail runner, guitar player, film photographer, forager, and cook.


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I started with WordPress in the summer of 2006 (it was WP 2.0, I believe). At the time, blogging was on the rise so I decided to get in on the trend, using WordPress as a sort of daily journal to document my first year of college (as ‘real life’ took over, this only lasted a couple of months).

My next foray into the World of WordPress was using it for my hobby baseball team’s new website. As I had experience from my personal blog, I volunteered to build a new website for the team so that we could reach our fans (well, at least parents and friends of our team members ) and potentially attract new players.

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