Top 14 YouTube Channels for Plugin and Theme Developers to Follow

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress plugin or theme developer or on track to build your very first – YouTube channels are one of the best ways to learn and keep a pulse on the industry. It’s also personally one of my favorite places to learn from sources you can actually trust. In this post, I’ll be taking a look at the top YouTube channels for product peeps 😎

I’ve handpicked every one of these channels to ensure they can offer your business some value and categorized them by Business & Marketing vs Technical channels. They cover a wide range of topics from marketing plugin, theme, and SaaS businesses to highly specialized development tips that are well worth exploring.

Without further ado – let’s plug in 🔌

Business & Marketing YouTube Channels

WP Elevation

The WP Elevation YouTube Channel

Troy Dean’s WP Elevation is an all-time favorite among WordPress freelancers and agency owners. He’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the spectrum build incredibly successful WordPress-based service businesses, if not tens of thousands considering the number of people he’s helped with his weekly podcast.

With his content going all the way back to February 2014, choosing just one of his videos to feature in this article wasn’t easy. Thankfully, their channel’s featured video does a great job of encapsulating everything you can expect from WP Elevation’s content.


Freemius YouTube Channel

Over the last year, Freemius has ramped up production on the Freemius YouTube channel, and Ben Lev, Video Wrangler, frequently covers topics that WordPress business owners consistently face such as the do’s and don’ts of renewal discounts. They also created a new series called Experts Corner that features weekly tips and tricks from experts in the ecosystem about how to run a plugin or theme business.

If you’re considering launching your own WordPress product business and interested in seeing more videos like this, this channel is definitely for you.

WP Builds

WP Builds YouTube Channel Podcast

WP Builds is a weekly show and podcast hosted by Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley. The aim of their podcast is to share all of the latest important news in the WordPress world. But, in addition to that, they host WordPress-related webinars and livestreams with their community to help everyone stay up to date on the latest news and trends.

Their WordPress plugin startup series – Part 1 below – can get you started.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the WP Builds community, I highly recommend joining their Facebook group too.


DotheWoo BobWP WooCommerce YouTube Channel

In addition to being on the top sites to promote your plugin or theme, Bob is the host of the Do the WOO podcast. He focuses on answering everybody’s questions about eCommerce with WordPress and helps everyone stay on top of any changes they should be aware of.

He frequently publishes content on his YouTube channel, using it as a hub for all of his video tutorials and walkthroughs.

It goes without saying that Bob and his content has become an all-time favorite for both developers and designers building eCommerce websites with WordPress.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema YouTube Channel

Chris Lema is another extremely well-known and well-respected figure in the WordPress community.

One of the many places you may have seen him is speaking at a WordCamp near you. For example, the video above is his talk from WordCamp Atlanta in 2019. In addition to sharing his talks, Chris uses his YouTube channel as his go-to place to share all new WordPress-related, and business-related thoughts & concepts that he finds interesting.

Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer Bourn YouTube Channel

Jennifer focuses on marketing and branding for your business. Covering topics like content marketing, getting projects approved with clients, and how to get the best testimonials.

Jason Tucker’s WP Watercooler

Jason runs the Smart Marketing Show on WP Watercooler that goes in-depth with interviews around topics like the state of the WordPress ecosystem, social media marketing, podcasting, and much more.

WP Roundtable

WP Roundtable WordPress Podcast YouTube Channel

The WP Round Table YouTube channel is home to interviews with some of the greatest experts and minds in the WordPress community, such as the episode below in which Russel interviews Matt Campbell on WordPress marketing tips and tricks.

There are a plethora of interviews on his channel – all worth watching.

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Technical YouTube Channels

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon JSforWP YouTube Channel

Zac Gordon runs a highly popular JavaScript for WordPress course, and shares tons of free tips and tricks on his YouTube channel. He has a unique approach on topics like GraphQL, Gatsby, React, and Gutenberg, among other innovative trends in the ecosystem.

Igor Benic

Igor Benic YouTube Channel

Igor has a more personal approach to sharing his experience becoming a WordPress developer. He offers videos about plugin development, creating a simple theme, selling courses, and making money with WordPress.

Igor’s expertise makes him a go-to guy for giveaway marketing and selling courses online.


WPCasts YouTube Channel

Alex created WPCasts after being a developer for 8 years, and his channel is dedicated to teaching others about WordPress development and career advice.

WPCasts is for you if you’re interested in things like VSCode plugins, real-world scenarios in WordPress, debugging, and other complexities of plugin and theme development.

Alessandro Castellani

Alessandro Castellani YouTube Channel

Alessandro Castellani a lead UX Architect at Mozilla. In addition to his work there, he runs his YouTube channel focused on web design & development.

His series on plugin development is definitely worth a watch!

As you might expect with Gutenberg’s increasing popularity, a number of his most recent videos focus on the WordPress block editing experience, such as the one above, which covers how you can create a unique block style.


LearnWebCode YouTube Channel

Brad has taught web development to countless coworkers and held training sessions for fortune 100 companies. He teaches local night classes and runs this popular YouTube channel named LearnWebCode. As a front-end developer, designer, and educator, he has been building user interfaces for over a decade.

On top of his premium course about how to become a WordPress developer, he frequently shares free content on his YouTube channel, including hour-long webinars or walkthroughs like the one above about how to build custom block types for Gutenberg.

Joshua Herbison

Joshua Herbison YouTube Channel

Joshua Herbison has some seriously technical videos about WordPress development ranging from all kinds of useful tutorials on CSS, JS, form submits, and wp_mail functions, among many other relevant topics.

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That’s a wrap! Thankfully, there’s no lack of amazing video creators in our space.

I hope this compilation of the top YouTube channels has made it easy for you to find creators you may want to partner with for your business, learn from, or even just to share their content with others getting started in plugin or theme development.

What YouTube channels do you follow? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments! 💬

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