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Migrating from CodeCanyon to Freemius

With the help of our partners who migrated from CodeCanyon to Freemius, we managed to develop a very simple and proven migration process that anyone can follow.

Step I – Start to sell with Freemius

Follow the getting started guide to…

Step II – Migrating CodeCanyon customers to Freemius

If you want to migrate your CodeCanyon customers, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Choose a transition date
  • Using this WordPress plugin in order to create a page on your WP site where a customer can enter their Envato purchase code & email address to receive a Freemius license key. We recommend setting the license expiration with an additional 3 months and allowing customers whose license key has expired to get a Freemius key that expires in 3 months. The benefits are that you give a grace period to existing customers and also move non-paying customers to Freemius, which comes with a bunch of marketing automations that can help you convert them back to a paid subscription.

Creating users via the API is disabled by default. Therefore, for the WordPress plugin to work properly, please get in touch with our team via [email protected] with your plugin details and ask to elevate your account’s permissions for the migration.

  • Add an admin notice to the plugin hosted on CodeCanyon notifying your users about the upcoming transition with a link to the page where they can convert their license to a Freemius license.
  • Push an update to the plugin to notify customers about the upcoming change.
  • Integrate the Freemius SDK into the CodeCanyon plugin and remove any previous updates & licensing mechanisms.
  • Customers that will upgrade will be prompted to activate their Freemius license key.
  • Done!